GameEnthus Podcast ep116: Solid Snake Drive or The “Office” Wii

This week we chat it up with @ClassickMateria from The Cold Slither Podcast. Classick dreams of running through restaurant’s kitchens. Tiny thinks that The Hangover is better than The Other Guys. Mike finally sees The Avengers. BigRob salivates over the new Nexus phones. Lastly, Aaron plans for his anniversay and complains about Luigi’s Mansion. We also discuss things like PBS, video game music, Harry Potter, Equilibrium, Jeff Goldblum, Nat Turner, Disney/Lucas purchase, Hypontenuse, Ninja Crash, iamrece, Team Devil Games, Bioshock 2, Assassins Creed 3, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Double Dragon Neon and more.

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jsslifelike2203d ago

Complaints about Luigi's Mansion!?

ind1fference2203d ago

Nothing major, I still dig it.

2203d ago