Five Assassin's Creed Settings We'd Like to See

1up - A collection of beautiful locations perfect for secret murders.

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uncharted562177d ago

I would like to see Japan and India. Both of them are unique in their very own ways.

hennessey862177d ago

Would be a dark and brilliant setting, also a Jack the Ripper mission would be great.

camel_toad2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

4 Billion B.C.. Desmond has to walk in the shoes of his ancestor who is an amoeba.

Quick fact: Amoebas used to wear shoes.

strifeblade2177d ago

i think france would be cool during the time they used guillotines like crazy and the king was dethroned and killed.
that setting would be super cool

Thefreeman0122177d ago

i dont feel that they will travel back in time since they already passed from renaissance italy to american revolution. only keep going forward into the future. as much as i would have liked to play in futile japan or some sort of asian desent like the assassins creed revelation revealed with that asian girl who wanted to train under ezio. my guess is they would keep moving forward like world war or something such as that

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