Is 3 Million Vita Sales a Bad Thing?

A short piece on why 3 million Vita sales in less than a year isn't a bad thing.

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Cam9772177d ago

I would say no, hopefully Christmas boosts it's sales.

jujubee882177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I have not been keeping track of sales, but I can tell from the amount of interest PS VITA has picked up sure seems like it SHOULD be in the 10mil+ range. (people keep saying its awesome to me irl or on my social network streams)

Such a shame. Sony needs to lower the barrier of entry for VITA. Not sure how you can do that, but it should not be too hard. The interest is clearly already there from people who like or want to get into games.

Targets INSANE price drop on the 3G version (w. free 8gb card) even had me calling up friends and had a lot of other people inquire about getting a VITA. Of course, it was a mistake on Targets end and the $180 price has since gone back to $300.

Nonetheless, the incident kinda tells SCEA something. In a week were VITA saw a bunch of great titles released, there was an unexpected price drop, and people took notice of that and many pounced on getting a PS VITA for the first time since launch.

I feel like SCEA needs to keep these things in mind.

Cam9772177d ago

A price drop would give it the boost it needs, I got mine cheap so i'm not worried about a price drop. In my opinion, it is a brilliant console and very soon I'm going to buy the old PSP Socom:FTB3 game for my Vita because I enjoyed it thoroughly when I had it on PSP.

raWfodog2177d ago

At its current price, I have no problem picking one up for myself (and I will do that very soon). But the price needs to come down to around 3DS levels in order for me to pick up one for each of my three kids.

Ult iMate2177d ago

Then you should definately play Unit13.

darthv722177d ago

Its better than 2,999,999.

lol, i kid

but seriously, 3 million is just the beginning. It will sell more. i know this because I have not gotten mine yet.

GribbleGrunger2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

There's been a nice jump in Europe this week from 18,000 to 21,000 and this doesn't include numbers from the latest releases. We could see it hitting 25,000 to 30,000 next week in Europe. Not spectacular, but certainly positive news. Of course the price drop could make my projections for next week appear modest... we'll just have to wait and see.

It's also jumped from 9,000 to 12,000 in America, but I doubt it'll get the same boost next week from the new games as it will in Europe, especially with the press being so hard on the latest games. My guess would be between 15,000 to 20,000.

Japan has actually fallen this week unfortunately and I can't see any of the releases this week having much of an effect over there in the next few weeks, largely because they are very Western games. It hit an all time low this week of 6,000. Perhaps it will be around 8,000 next week... I don't know if there are any significant releases over there this week.

Still 42,000 sales this week is still a step in the right direction.

shoddy2177d ago

3mil x $200 is like $600,000,000.

So half a billion is nothing nothing these days.

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Raccoon2177d ago

So let me get this straight, companies now should worry about unit sales and forget about profits? I choose to let them worry about Economics and as a gamer I will worry about games. Now in days people hold back on great tittles because of opinionated reviews and some go as far as not buying tittles based on sales smh. So all in all Just do your part and support your systems of choice by buying content and enjoying it..

miyamoto2177d ago

well said.

I hope what you said knock some senses to the sales figures fanboys around here who are supposed to be mature enough to understand what gaming is all about... playing great games.

shammgod2177d ago

Add one more. I just bought one

jujubee882177d ago

What games do you have on it?

shammgod2177d ago

Ragnarok odyssey, AC Liberation and LBP so far.

kayoss2177d ago

I actually bought another one for myself because my wife took mine so that she can play the Playstation battle royale beta. So far I've been playing the Beta on the PS3 and I honestly have to admit that she is kicking my arse. She just recently discovered little big planet and little deviant so that means that i will never see my PS vita ever again. But I honestly think its worth the asking price. I would like for them to reduce the price of the memory card tho. $85 for a 32gb memory is way too much. You can actually buy a 64gb micro SD for under $50 now.

Gamesgbkiller2177d ago

They really have to do price cut on the memory .
Too damn expensive!!

mandf2177d ago

I agree with memory card being to expensive but the system is priced right. I love my Vita.

tiffac0082177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

They also need to (at least) make the 4GB memory card free for every Vita that is purchased.

That way consumers won't look at buying a memory card as a hidden cost but rather an option to upgrade and get a bigger card because they'll be getting a smaller capacity one already.

I would also love to see more games being made for the Vita instead of the PSP in Japan. I don't see why the future handheld of Sony is being sacrificed for extra sales on its predecessor.

Localizing PSP games that has a good fanbase outside of Japan (VCIII, Suikoden, FF Typo-0 etc...) and putting it on the Vita should help sales too.

Paul_Murphy2177d ago

I agree with this point, a 4GB card in the box at not extra cost would be a good start.

Ideally the inevitable v2 Vita needs to have on board memory, with expendable as an option.

We will download stuff and need the extra memory, even at exorbitant prices, but at least a starting point would be there.

kayoss2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I think with the bundle they actually include a 8gb memory card. I rather them make the 8gb card standard with each ps vita purchase and discontinue the 4gb. To me 4gb is pretty much useless because if you go digital 4gb will either get you only one ps vita game or 3-4 ps one games.

tiffac0082177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

The only reason I was pushing for the 4GB is because its the cheapest among the cards and I was also being sensitive to Sony's current economic standing. So I went to what I believe is practical business wise that won't totally short end the consumer or cut heavily on Sony's profit.

With the 4GB, Sony should not have any excuse on not making that memory card a standard add-on for every Vita purchased.

FragGen2177d ago

They should have given the thing some built-in storage like virtually any other modern media device: ipod,iphone,Android phone,tablets,etc.

NOTHING, even cheap Chinese mp3 players, comes with ZERO internal storage these days, much less a high end consumer device.

I love the Vita but this was a huge mistake on Sony's part and really reduces the appeal of the unit. A free card might help, but I already find the Vita's storage frustratingly small with just a card and no internal storage.

medziarz2177d ago

the 4GB card is free along with a copy of AC3L or COD:BOD, isn't that killer?

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FragGen2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Total agreement. The retail price of the Vita should include at least 16gb of storage. Compared to other media consumption devices (tablets-- anywhere from 8-16gb internal plus cheaply expandable all the way to an additional 64gb w/ microsd) the Vita's storage situation is abysmal.

I sprung for a 32gb card and it is constantly running up against memory limits. I don't even have that many games. It's ridiculous.The fact that it has NO internal storage is starting to look like a big liability to me as a user.

Yangus2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I think yes.
Not blockbuster console...

(3DS coming DQVII remake and Monster Hunter 4 next year and many titles...Bravely Default etc).Vita AAA japan titles?Nothing.
I not HC Nintendo fan,but 3DS killing Vita in japan.

Medicore Nihilistic CoD and one KZ save Vita?Dream.

Paul_Murphy2177d ago

In what sense? Do you have one? Did you consider the PSP a blockbuster console, and what constitutes one in your eyes?

sdozzo2177d ago

The whole Monster Hunter thing has to hurt SONY. Overseas that game crushes. Surely, that would move some hardware.

FragGen2177d ago

+1 They should pull a Microsoft and pay off the developer to do an exclusive version for the next go around. It would easily pay for itself from an investment standpoint. MH sold an insane number of PSPs.

r212177d ago

I dont know if these are AAA Japan titles like you say but Soul Sacrifice, Ragnarok Odyssey, Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland, Dragon's Crown, Gravity Rush, Malicious, Murmasa, Demon Gaze beg to differ with your vita has no japanese titles :L

Learn to research before stating that the vita has no Japanese titles, buddy.

kayoss2177d ago

There are a lot of good AAA japan titles for the PS vita, but I have to agree with him that none of the available titles for the PS vita will ever compare to Monster Hunter and the Pokemon series. These two games are console salers. If only Sony can try to get Monster Hunter for the PS vita we will definately see a surge in hardware sales, especially in japan. R21 the games you listed are good but it will never move as many hardware as compared to Monster hunter.

MadMen2177d ago

Yes, that is bad, this system should be on track with about 5 mil by now.

As most of SONY devices go, its just priced to high compared to the comp. Granted its hardware strengths, (which i am a fan of) I dont make up the main stream who arent always wowed by that.

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