Nintendo's core handheld market is stable

GamaSutra - Last week Nintendo released information about the first half of its current fiscal year, and as a numbers kind of person, I always enjoy adding the latest shipment figures to my personal trove of data. When I last looked at the state of Nintendo's handheld business back in June, we were looking at how the imminent launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL might affect the company's handheld sales.

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klecser2267d ago

The pro iOS crowd will completely ignore this article.

joeorc2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

"The pro iOS crowd will completely ignore this article."

Look its not the point of ignoring it , its the point of this being Moot to even have the idea that Nintendo's market share in the Mobile space is even that large in the grand scheme of things on the entire mobile market in as a whole.

Its pretty much moot to even bring it up because the number's speak for them selves.

While Nintendo has fantastic sales Apple, google and Microsoft windows PC %'s and market share are on a whole other level in sales and market %

"Nintendo had shipped 6.68 million systems worldwide. That includes shipments after the August 2011 price cut. By the end of 2011, the company had shipped 15.04 million systems in essentially 10 months.

During the past 12 months, which also includes the October - December 2011 period, total shipments for the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL combined reached 15.51 million systems. That's a rather modest 3 percent increase from the system's former peak shipment figure"

Look no one is saying those are bad number's , because if they are they are just a sad lot. but you and other's have to get over the fact that the Mobile Market does not just revolve around the Dedicated Game handheld market as the top of the food chain. it never was.

the dedicated Gaming system market share is small vs the market share of iOS or Android or Windows there is no point in trying to point out the Market share of dedicated Gaming systems to the market share that is in somthing like the PC or smartphones. there is no point because the number of the dedicated game console sales while good for their market is no where near the level of Smartphones and PC's.

you taking a jab at the iOS crowd is pretty pointless because the numbers speak for themselves.


"the company had shipped 15.04 million systems in essentially 10 months."

while that is a fantastic number it still is no where near this level of sales:

Apple’s shipment totals at over 26 million for the period Q2 2012

think about that it takes Nintendo which by the way has the largest dedicated most selling most well known and the largest game handheld market share in dedicated Game handheld Market share 10 months to reach 15.04 While Apple has over 26 Million in 3 months! if you think that is alot , just look at samsung which has Samsung shipped 52.1 million units for Q2 2012 in 3 months the Samsung Galaxy SIII over 10 million in one month by itself. 10 million units for a single month!

their markets market share is not in the same % or numbers there is no point in trying to put them at in a vs contest, the dedicated game system will loose in market share number's that is just a fact.

ronin4life2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

You are comparing apples to oranges. They aren't the same market, so how is market share damaged or taken in such a direct manner? Should we consider Furby to be cutting into the game market if that beats out the vita in sales?

And if I misread your point, it is only because I am feeling lazy and didn't read all of your comment...
. _.;

joeorc2267d ago

"You are comparing apples to oranges. They aren't the same market, so how is market share damaged or taken in such a direct manner?"

thats where many are not looking at this in a take your market share manner. Its not about that, unlike your furby example: this has more bearing than you think, what i am pointing out is the example of the market that the dedicated PDA market HAD has more bearing on what is happening to the Mobile computing space and its effecting the Mobile Gaming market just like smartphone's effected the PDA they are in fact Having an effect on Dedicated Game machine's not in a Doomed Way, but its making the gap between the two markets that much more front and center, with Developer's also taking cue to support the Mobile platform investment increase their in house resources toward this expanding market.

klecser2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Your entire argument is predicated on the assumption that more market share=good and less market share=bad.

If the market is SUSTAINABLE, then it doesn't matter how big the market is. If I sell honey out of my garage to three dozen people a month and I can make a profit off of that, then it doesn't MATTER that local grocery stores move one thousand units a month to their customers. I still have a profitable market. If I'm happy with that market, who are YOU to say that I should just "give up" selling honey out of my garage? There are tons of products on the market with low market shares. So why act like handheld game consoles are any different when the market exists? Why act like ONE MARKET is the only viable option?

So, I took the "jab" because all I hear from the iOS crowd is that "Nintendo and Sony are doomed", but that isn't how markets work. Just because you don't have the biggest market share doesn't mean that a smaller market is futile.

We wouldn't jab at you guys if you didn't keep hitting us with twisted interpretations of how markets work just to wound us. Someone who does that is ignorant or mean or both. There is no fourth option as I see it.

joeorc2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

you once again are just not getting it. the Mobile market is not playing in the back yard of the Dedicated Game console market. but many gamers seem to think it is, when its not. you can like i said have really great sales for what you sell, that still does not take away from the fact , that the mobile market as a whole is the leader not the lesser Market. Look i have a PSVita, a DS Light and they are in fact great gaming machines.

Im not implying they are not great gaming machines or they are doomed:

"So, I took the "jab" because all I hear from the iOS crowd is that "Nintendo and Sony are doomed", but that isn't how markets work. Just because you don't have the biggest market share doesn't mean that a smaller market is futile. "

I AM NOT SAYING THAT at all the smaller market is just as Viable as the larger one i agree 100%% on that!

what i am pointing out is that trying to say the iOS crowed would ignore these types of sales and say the dedicated Game Handhelds as Doomed ; does not really matter if they say it or not because, right now both Nintendo and Sony can make money in such a market. Though i am not so inclined to think that Nintendo or Sony will have the largest Market share in Mobile Gaming, that is just posturing that is no where near true at all.

Thats what i think the real issue is now, Nintendo or Sony sofar can never get to number 1 market share right now and many Gamers are upset at the thought that somehow someway that the mobile market is a threat to their gaming market. Lets put this out there, the Mobile market is not a threat its just the change in mobile computing that many gamer's i think are upset about. the Point is right now both Sony and Nintendo are expanding their platform into the Mobile market anyway, though Sony is doing it at a faster Pace than Nintendo but that's Ok Nintendo will further expand into the mobile market in due time.

History is repeating itself because. the exact same thing happened to the PDA. the Game console will still be here its just that it will change along with the rest of the market.

klecser2267d ago

I know the Mobile market is bigger. I understand that. What I am saying is that many iOS apologists are claiming that the rise of iOS markets means the demise of the mobile gaming market, and we know that isn't true.

Moonman2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

So many hot 3DS games incoming! Paper Mario, Bravely Default, Dragon Quest 7, Luigi's Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, Castlevania, Monster Hunter 3 and 4 etc.