IGN - Need for Speed Most Wanted (Vita) Review

IGN - Here it is, at last: a game on the Vita that can sit proudly alongside it’s console sibling without too sizeable of an inferiority complex. The reason for this, partly, is that unlike so many other Vita games it hasn’t been outsourced, hastily made by a mercenary developer. It’s been made by Criterion, the same exacting developer responsible for the console version, right under the same roof. And that’s apparent from the moment you start the game.

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sincitysir12180d ago

I'm so tired of the "oh it's not like the ps3 version so ill score it lower" I know they advertised it as being a console sibling but can't you just look at it as a singular entity?! Forget there's ones available or consoles and i bet this gets a better score. And the vita is not inferior.

TheGamingArt2180d ago

I couldn't agree more. This is getting quite annoying and bullish

SandWitch2180d ago

LOL, so IGN gave 9.0 to a console version and 7.4 to a VITA version even though this is practically the same game?

Wow, just wow

andibandit2180d ago

yeah the console version should've gotten around 7,4 as well.

lonesoul652180d ago

if they would have properly named the game Burnout 4 instead of need for speed I think that it could have gotten a proper score. But those scores make sense ya know? Console version obviously is better so it should get a higher score...if you try to emulate another version and fall short..the score should be lower.

Horizons beats it hands down IMO.

Kingthrash3602180d ago

Handhelds will never beat conesoles for making the same game. Probably because u know.... It's a hand held. The game shoulda got a 9 easy, simply because I killed ANY handheld racing game before it. IGN makes the worst vita reviews simply because they compare it to the ps3. That is a very bad mistake. NFS ps3 4.4 gigs compared to NFS vita 2.1 gigs, simple math will show u why there is such a gap between the two. Ac3 11.1gigs Ac vita 2.8 gigs. One thing about games. Memory is the most important and basic things in development. If reviewer can't see that then they shouldn't be reviewing

kopicha2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

as i have said multiple times thou it is so funny to get disagree about it in my comment. IGN's scoring system is retarded and screwed these days. Complaining on the wrong thing and demerit them on the wrong way. Also the way they give out score makes no sense most of time. Extreme inconsistent. Like example SFxT on console = 9/10 and Vita gets 6.6/10 for the same game while SSF4 on console gets a 9/10 and SSF43D on 3DS gets 8.5/10. There is an obvious biasness there. To me, their score is the last thing on earth I would be bother with in this generation.

-Mezzo-2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I've always been here. :D

this is where me & Ernice first meet, about 2 years ago.

GuruStarr782180d ago

Great game for the vita, personally id give it an 8 or an 8.5.. there are a few flaws, like having to glance down at the TINY mini map in the lower left hand corner often, but otherwise, its really fun, challenging and rewarding...

best vita racer yet.. hopefully sega gives us a console comprable game in sonic racing transformed for vita!

b-dash2180d ago

youtube is more useful than these reviews.
VITA version is the best, personally.
I got a unique game like Burnout Paradise in the hands.
In the console, I look forward to true Burnout paradise 2

Ron_Danger2180d ago

Agreed... This game is essentially Burnout but with real cars... What Criterion pulled off on a handheld is amazing!

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