Before GTA V: 20 Hilarious GTA Memes

WC - Now that we have confirmation that GTA V is set for release in Spring 2013 – to the collected surprise of roughly no-one – we can expect to see a lot more detail for the game coming soon, not least thanks to the upcoming revellatory issue of Game Informer, including more screen-shots, story detail and pre-order details. Surely, with that reveal coming, it can’t be long until a second trailer arrives as well.

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crimsonfox2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Damn it we have been getting alot of little news here and there lately then here comes what culture again with an other ridiculous list DAMN YOU WHAT CULTURE!!! I'm afraid to see how many stupid lists they come up with after the 2nd trailer or when the game comes out

helghast1022176d ago

Image macros are not memes.

unchartedxplorer2176d ago

We got the same article a while ago.

-Gespenst-2176d ago

I hate Image macros and I hate that obnoxious image macro font. Such lazy, homogenous humour. Most meme's suck too.

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