Halo 4 Director: Halo Could Continue Without Master Chief

Techland writes:

Halo 4 is nearly here, and while I’ve played about halfway through the game’s story — I’ve masochistically chosen to play on “Legendary” difficulty, because that’s how I’ve always played Halo for reasons I’ll explain in the review — I can say newcomer 343 Industries definitely hasn’t dropped the ball.

What’s in store if you’re planning to pick up a copy next week? Will it be “just another Halo” or something more? I spoke with Halo 4‘s creative director Josh Holmes to ask those questions and others. Here’s what he told me.

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Munky2177d ago

James, Kelly and Linda. All are f*ckin awesome characters(SII's).

Munky2177d ago

Watch Ep. 5 of FUD everybody ;)... amazing!!

Munky2177d ago

*Edit* Fred, Kelly and Linda.

AO1JMM2177d ago

Lets make a game about Grey team.

Munky2177d ago

That would be sick as well. The halo universe is huge man, so many potentially interesting story lines.