Sony offering 30 days of PS Plus free to UK players

Sony is offering players in the UK a free 30-day trial for PlayStation Plus.

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jd6662201d ago

Free if u give them your bank details up front!!

LinLeigh2201d ago

It really isn't that hard to cancel in time and it is pretty standard practice. Netflix and lovefilm do the same.

Minato-Namikaze2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Dont feed the trolls, fermcr

iamnsuperman2201d ago

Lovefilm are a pain to cancel though. I remember trying to cancel mine so I rang up and I then had to book another time to ring up (something like that) and then I got harassed when I managed to get through. Hate lovefilm.

@jd666 As long as you can cancel the PSN+ easily then it is a non issue (never thought about cancelling).

fermcr2201d ago ShowReplies(1)
GribbleGrunger2201d ago

Complaints, complaints, complaints:

1 months free PS+ (It's too difficult to cancel)
Vita (too expensive)
Vita (adverts sexist)
Vita (Games not as good as the console)
Vita (It has no games)
PS Store (Not as good as the old store)

On and on and on...

The press have done their job well this generation.

Cam9772201d ago

Come on Sony... This is a bit cheap. I have no doubt that it puts it onto auto-renew so it will renew without the person knowing unless they already removed their details. I'm going to do it though because I know how to delete my details.

CraigandDayDay2201d ago

Netflix does the same thing if you don't cancel your free trial. It will auto charge you for the next month if you don't cancel.

Cam9772201d ago

Thanks, I've just entered.

jd6662201d ago

It isn't even redeemable from your Playstation or Android, PC only!!

jd6662201d ago

Certain people on here are so busy disagreeing that they've no idea what they're disagreeing about!!!

zielocz3k2201d ago

not only Sony UK but also other countries in Europe, Sony Poland, France, Germany etc via facebook

Errod882201d ago

Yeah Australia is on there too

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The story is too old to be commented.