STN: Need for Speed Most Wanted Review (Vita)


I have to admit to having been slightly worried about Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the PS Vita. Even though Criterion were developing this pocket sized version of the game, part of me still thought that something somewhere would be compromised, well it seems like I had nothing to worry about after all. Good old Criterion.

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g-nome2179d ago

Great game , having fun with it so far , plays well and looks good. Go get it now.

himdeel2179d ago

Yeah this game is very awesome. I don't care what they call this it's like Burnout on the go. I really like the easydrive to pick any car you've already jacked.

chukamachine2178d ago

I've got this game on PC and a friend has it on vita.

What amazes me though as well, just downloaded it on android for my Galaxy s2. Looks great and plays great.

Krew_922178d ago

Yeah this game is great on all platforms, although the mobile platforms (Android and iOS) aren't open world like the Vita and console versions.

I have it on Vita and PC. This game is great, I loved Burnout Paradise when it came out so this is a win for me.

Although the only thing I hated about Burnout was the piles upon piles of useless DLC they made, also I feel some things shouldn't have been DLC, but unlockable.