Top 5 Jump Scares in Gaming

BT writes:

Of all the different ways to scare the player across gaming, there are few that are quite as widespread as the jump scare and it’s not hard to see why. Pulling off a jump scare is really a simple affair. All that has to be done is surprise the player with something unexpected that comes out of absolutely nowhere, leading to many calling the technique the cheapest kind of scare. Even with such a claim however, like anything else, there are more than a few ways to make them very effective. Given the proper buildup and situation, they can completely shift from one of the least impactful kinds of scares, to one of the most impactful. To celebrate ones that do manage to leave those after-effects, I’m going to list the top 5 best jump scares throughout gaming. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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RE1 - the dogs that burst through the hallway's window.

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Ok....Who mistook his eyes for boobs? I know I'm not the only one lol.

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Hhahahah lol. I posted my comment and then yours showed up. Funny guy.

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Yeah the picture is kind of dark so its hard to tell at first.

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Lol did anyone else think that the picture was a pair of tits?

I only just realised after reading the whole article, and I was scrolling away from the picture because people are behind me lol. Dirty mind.

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