Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 5 (Live-Action Halo Series)

After a terrifying night of combat and loss, Lasky makes a life-or-death decision to help the Chief.

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TotalSynthesisX2178d ago

Could they have picked an uglier chick to play Kelly? Good lord.

Other than that, this was AWESOME. Damn, I'm SO pumped for the 6th. :D

TotalSynthesisX2178d ago

> Weird looking in Forward Unto Dawn
> Hot in Facebook pictures


darthv722177d ago

is the voice in this the same guy in the game? it doesnt sound like it. To me anyway.

nchizimbi2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Kelly is FIIIINE... plus, she is a Spartan.

KimoNoir2177d ago

Ha lets see your ass or your ugly ass girlfriend on halo

KMCROC2177d ago

You do realise the women has been Thur a hellish training & augmentation process.

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Munky2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Kelly and Fred... sickkkkkkkk!

nchizimbi2177d ago

@ darthv72
"master chief
is the voice in this the same guy in the game? it doesnt sound like it. To me anyway."

Master Chief voicing in the games is STEVE DOWNES whilst in the web-series is ALEX PUCCINELLI (name listed in the credits).

In July 2012, at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), 343i/Microsoft explained why the Master Chief voicing in the web-series is different from the games’ voice... you will find their answers in their SDCC Q&A posted in their weekly news 'The Halo Bulletin: 7.18.12' at the following link http://blogs.halowaypoint.c...

Find below the extract from their SDCC Q&A on the voice issue(which to me makes perfect sense)

What happened to Chief’s voice? That’s not the Steve Downes I was looking (listening) for!

Quite correct, that’s not the heroic growl you’re used to hearing coming out of that helmet, but just like the armor that is the result of some very specific (and challenging) decisions about how to best integrate Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn into the existing fiction. Light spoiler incoming, but we’ve already announced that the series takes place right around the beginning of the Human-Covenant war, which in our universe means we’re somewhere in the neighborhood of the year 2526. Since most of the time we’ve spent with the Master Chief in the games so far takes place right around the end of that war, which means we’re used to hearing Chief’s voice around the year 2552. Applying a bit of maths, the Master Chief you see and hear in the trailer is around 26 years younger than what you’re used to. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t sound the same 26 years ago, and while we love Steve Downes’ voice it wouldn’t make sense for Chief to have had the same exact voice across three decades of war. Because we wanted to maximize consistency, we first tried to “de-age” Steve Downes’ voice, but all efforts there ended up with something that sounded like an awesome reject from Alvin and the Chipmunks. With that option off the table, we turned to the great casting team we used for the rest of the actors in the show to find us a younger sound-alike voice actor to provide younger Chief’s voice, with the aim being that if you close your eyes and squint your ears just a bit, the voice you hear from Chief makes you think “yeah, put that voice through 26 years of hell and battle and he’ll end up sounding like the Chief I know.” This is a really sensitive subject for a lot of people because voices are so important in connecting to a character, but I think we have a solution that works for both character and consistency... give young Chief a shot, and I hope you’ll agree.

darthv722177d ago

I didnt follow comic-con so i just didnt know. Seems there are those that didnt care for my question but at least now I understand.

thanks again.

nchizimbi2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

You are welcome fellow gamer. Besides, there is just so much information and events happening in the entertainment/games industry that it is difficult to follow up on EVERYTHING... that is why we are a community of gamers sharing thoughts, information and knowledge in the forums across the mighty internet.

You raised a question, and now you know something you did not. Tomorrow, I will raise a question(s) and get schooled by you (and/or other gamers) on what I did not know (LOL)

KMCROC2177d ago

Loved the mini series , but would jump Thur hops if they made a movie's or maybe an awesome Trilogy of movies.

palaeomerus2177d ago

Huh. That music near the end had me tearing up a little. Corny but effective.