Michael Bay Gloats Recent Blu-ray Disc Victories

Michael Bay says "I told you so" to all HD DVD faithful

Michael Bay's high-definition preference is no secret. It seems that the flashy action director finds every opportunity possible to make it known that he is a strong believer in Blu-ray Disc.

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Joey Gladstone5461d ago

I agree with your "I told you so" Because you did one of my favorite franchises of all time Transformers, justice with your movie was great and I cant wait for the BluRay version
....The JOEY has Spoken"

marinelife95461d ago

We're right there with you Mike B. But no one would listen to us either.

kalistyles5461d ago

I agree almost all the time with the things you say, but what is it with the Joey Gladstone pic and talking in third person. It's so annoying. Nevermind that Joey Gladstone is kind of a [email protected] Just wanted your opinion on that.

Rocko5461d ago (Edited 5461d ago )

Well no kidding, with all his failures I can see why he'd be so desperate to associate himself with a winner. So pathetic, attacking HD-DVD supporters in forums and blogs. Your a loser Bay, I hope more people realize that when you rape our childhoods even more with Transformers 2.

5461d ago
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kingme715461d ago

It's better to keep your mouth closed and let others think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.

Honesty, I'm not an HD-DVD advocate, but why is Bay being so annoying? He went as far as to say he won't direct Transformers 2 if they didn't go blu-ray? Bit absurd.

Tyrael5461d ago

couldnt have said it better myself

avacadosnorkel5461d ago

when they took the payoff to go HD exclusive, he didn't see any of that money. And his movie would have sold a boatload on Blu-ray making him lots of money.

He got screwed by the HD-DVD exclusive moves.

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The story is too old to be commented.