Wii U Nuketown 2025 Confirmed! Black Ops 2 Nuketown Gameplay

Video confirming Nuketown for the Wii U.

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Schawk2176d ago

WOW the wiiU looke Awesome , i cant wait to get this on the wiiU

bishbosh2176d ago

yeah! been to the site and its no longer showing??? whats going on treyarch! give us information on Wii u

Neonridr2176d ago

go there, and click the Wii U tab on the left. It shows that you will get the Nuketown bonus with the preorder.

bishbosh2176d ago

not sure what your smoking but here in the uk it does not show a Wii U tab!!? so what's the story? is it only available in the USA?

Neonridr2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

very strange, on the link I posted above, if you set your region to the UK, it still works for me. It shows that you can preorder it from either Amazon or Play.

so not sure what you're talking about.

EDIT - I see what you mean, if your main browser is set to UK then No, the Wii U tab disappears. But if you are on the american site, and you set your region to the United Kingdom (in the drop down tab), then it shows the Wii U version still.

dunno why that is, maybe they haven't updated all the sites yet.

Neonridr2176d ago

Glad it has finally been confirmed to have Nuketown.

Nevers0ft2176d ago

This could be an interesting experiment for me... I've NEVER played a CoD game, they just never really appealed even though other first-person shooters do. Anyway, I've decided to jump in and pre-order it for the Wii U - I wonder if it'll live up to all the hype my mates have been giving it for years :)

It looks quite tasty. I just hope there's a decent single player campaign because I think I'll need the training before going online to get thoroughly pwned by a 10 year old :(

bishbosh2176d ago

welcome to wii community! and to help you will have the boot camp which allows you to learn the multiplayer but against AI bots!!

Nevers0ft2176d ago

Ah sounds good... Learn to have my ass kicked by bots before pitting my ass against the Internets ;-)

jmc88882176d ago

It was confirmed weeks ago the Wii U version would have it. Like around the 18th or 20th of last month.

The video is new though.