First off-screen gameplay of COD: Black Ops Declassified

So the first off-screen footage of Black Ops Declassified appeared on Youtube. Unfortunately, video is not too long and not the best quality, but we take what we get

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NewMonday2181d ago

Hard to make anything of it

r212181d ago

Yeah, cant see a darn thing. Why the hell is the camera guy moving around instead of focusing ON the game :L

Raccoon2181d ago

It's crazy how the tittle is 2 weeks away and all we have is one crappy trailer and this ^ to visually enforce our chances of purchasing this game smh. Nihilistic can only go up from this point on and since we expect the worst from them I think this is their only chance to prove us wrong... Underdog

MattyG2181d ago

Sitting on the crapper at 730 and BOOM. That music. On the bright side it got the job done.

Sanquine902181d ago

It looks fast and solid i hope that it looks good!

jetpacksheep2181d ago

Less than 10 seconds actual visible footage? why? if you have it in your hands just show the game.

GreenRanger2181d ago

Looks like the guy who recorded this had a head fetish at 0:20.

mafiahajeri2179d ago

Hahaha yeah and @ 28 the character in the game seems to be doing something to himself ...

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The story is too old to be commented.