Remembering… Fatal Frame/Project Zero

Ghosts, they all have a story to their name. Mysterious and fascinating, they are figments of the past. We have seen them in many mediums, but games had never really explored the subject of the floaty fiends, until 2001. That was the year Fatal Frame (Project Zero) descended on the shores of Japan, frightening every person brave enough to face its fearsome thrills.

[Oliver Banham, Thunderbolt]

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Cam9772176d ago

I actually was looking this up on eBay a few nights ago being the big horror game fan I am.

Run_bare2176d ago

I Love Fatal Frame series from 1 to 3 on PS2. Shame that Mask of the Lunar Eclipse are not coming to the western shore, i bought a Wii for that game specifically.

I hope SONY do something about Fatal Frame, maybe buy the IP or something. I like to go back to Fatal Frame, survival horror been lacking on Next Gen Console (Silent Hill games been lacklustre and Resident Evil is more action oriented).

InsaneChronos2176d ago

The Fatal Frame franchise is co-owned by Nintendo now, so do not expect the games on PlayStation or Xbox. I hope there will be no more games like Spirit Camera or Fatal Frame 4, because it's not worth to be a Fatal Frame games.

Venox20082175d ago

what are you talking man? Fatal frame IV was very awesome and scary.. actually second and 4th are the best for me..

Run_bare2175d ago

To: "False Patriot"

If Nintendo will release it on WiiU, I will buy the console for that game alone.

I only think the IP is owned by Tecmo, Nintendo only own Fatal Frame IV. I am not 100% sure. Whoever owns it, I hope the release the next one in whichever console and I will buy it.

Venox20082175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

there is English patch for Fatal frame IV, I've finished game with it, because i dont know japanese at all :) awesome game BTW ...and fatal frame games are one of the best survival horror series I have played.. :)

InsaneChronos2176d ago

The original trilogy is the best horror games.

Neonridr2176d ago

With Nintendo owning part of the Fatal Frame series the Wii U is almost an automatic for a release. Imagine the gamepad used as the camera with full 360 degree movement by turning and angling the gamepad. I mean you can't ask for a better implementation of the game. Here's hoping they get down to it.

InsaneChronos2175d ago

>> Imagine the gamepad used as the camera with full 360 degree movement by turning and angling the gamepad <<

That's the bad thing. I don't need such stupid gameplay. I just want to experience the horror adventure the way I used to.

Neonridr2175d ago

To each their own I guess. But I am not getting a Wii U so I can just play games the way they are played on the other consoles. Otherwise why wouldn't I play it on my 360 instead? The Wii U attracts me because it is trying to do something different. The Gamepad offers up so many new uses for games that are becoming boring and stale.

Sure you may not like it, but there are many others who would love the idea of being able to use the gamepad as a handheld camera, independent of the main screen. It's not for everyone of course, you can't please everyone.

You yourself even said that the earlier games were the better ones and the most recent ones are poor examples of Fatal Frame games. So maybe they need to shake things up a bit and try something new.

Venox20082175d ago

actually this could be optional, for others.. they could use second analog stick - simple