So, Who’s Looking Forward To Seeing The PS4 Next Year?

TSA: "A few months ago I’d gotten wind that some kind of meeting with Sony and developers was on the cards, what’s known as a ‘disclosure meeting’ where everyone signs non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) about upcoming hardware – in this case, it was to be for the PlayStation 4. Things had gone quiet since, until today, when news broke that the disclosure meeting did happen, and that some devs had already started to spill the beans under condition of anonymity."

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TheLyonKing2201d ago

Pretty excited, I got money saved just to pre order the next gen consoles so very excited to see what this bad boy can do.

Hopefully E3 will shed some light, during the build up am going to shut myself away from speculationa nd rumours so it will be a big suprise.

THC CELL2201d ago

Ive almost got 1500 saved up for ps4 day one ive been saving.for.5.years now

andibandit2201d ago

Hang in there, you're halfway there.

byeGollum2201d ago

you'll name yourself after the processor in the 'ps4' ^_^

ziggurcat2201d ago

we'll definitely see something at E3 next year, but we won't see it on the market until late 2014.

Muffins12232201d ago

More like like late 2013/mid 2014

I can tell you right now there going to try to release it in fall so it s very likely this will release next fall or next December

jmac532201d ago

I don't know they just released the dev kits and the final dev kits won't be out till spring of next year. It is looking more likely that it will be released in 2014.

DeadlyFire2200d ago

No they just released 2nd Dev. Kit. Number 3 comes early 2013. Number 4 comes Summer 2013.

DeadlyFire2200d ago

Sony traditionally like Spring releases. So Spring 2014 seems like perfect launch window for them. Also with enough time to ramp up production for the holiday season in 2014.

miyamoto2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

I hope it can play my PS1, PS2, PS3 games as well

The Meerkat2201d ago

Its going to be one hell of an E3.

I want my jaw to be on the floor

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The story is too old to be commented.