[TGV] Review: Silent Hill: Book of Memories (PS Vita)

The Gaming Vault: "Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a game that has been fighting an uphill battle since it was announced. Silent Hill loyalists cried that it wasn’t a game that was faithful to the Silent Hill name and it signaled the end of the series or that Silent Hill was dead. All this was said without ever even playing the game themselves.

Those people are irrational, judgmental, and kinda dumb.

I will say for sure that Book of Memories does not ruin the name or the legacy of the Silent Hill franchise. Book of Memories is not a horrible Silent Hill game. But I can also say that Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a total dick of a game…"

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Bitsnark2202d ago

A crappily executed shift to a hack and slash dungeon crawler? Great Scott, whatever's next? A shoddy HD conversion of Zone of the Enders?

Oh wait...