GungHo’s President Talks About Vita And The Future Of Ragnarok

While you may not recognize GungHo Online Entertainment as a company, you probably have played one of their games. GungHo owns Ragnarok Online developer Gravity Games, made Mimana Iyar Chronicle, and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. Just a year ago, GungHo acquired Way of the Samurai 4 and Akiba’s Trip developer Acquire. GungHo’s next big step is a Westward expansion with their newly opened international branch, GungHo Online Entertainment America.

Siliconera spoke to Kazuki Morishita, CEO and President, about the company’s plans, developing games for Vita, and what’s going on with Ragnarok.

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Myst3241d ago

Loved what they did with Ragnarok and quite liked the interview as well. Can't wait to see what else they will have in store for us :)

Chrono3241d ago

They should make a new Lunar game or remake.

profgerbik3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I traded in Silver Star Harmony or whatever it's called for Ragnarok :)

I wish I just kept it for the measly $3 dollars.. I still have the collectors stuff though, I figured it might come out on Vita if it isn't already out anyway.

So not a huge loss I don't mind buying it again on the Vita if so.

I would love to see a new one also for sure.

miyamoto3238d ago

The Vita is shaping up to be the JRPG Beast like the PSP.

DivineAssault 3240d ago

New Lunar & new Grandia please.. A sequel to this would be nice too