Cows & Horses Spotted in GTA V

Cows & Horses will have an appearance in GTA V.

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jja112267d ago

Try to zoom the image

morkendo232267d ago

Cows & Horses Spotted in GTA V

REALLY!!!! was it that important to write a article about cows an horses.

slow day at the office jja11????

stage882267d ago

I for one am very happy at this news.
R* please add a cow milking mini game. Yours sincerely, a very concerned gamer.

Irishguy952267d ago

Well, suppose Red Dead has already got this right, no reason to leave em out of GTA5

PinkFunk2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Though it's already known, that country space looks massive. Seems like with the addition of horses suggests that there will be loads of missions there. Not just a city game... Excited.

Edit: And of course a proper ode to Red Dead :)

Snookies122267d ago

Yeah Red Dead certainly got the horse riding right, but good lord can you imagine them in GTA? Getting hit by a car going full speed when you're on a horse? Lol

PinkFunk2267d ago

Haha. How will they properly simulate that collision?!

***No horses were hurt during mo-cap sequencing***

Skynetone2267d ago

I wonder how they react to a grenade

Double_Oh_Snap2267d ago

I wonder how they react to a rpg or a speeding SUV lol

Cam9772267d ago

How about a helicopter's propellers? I can't wait to see modders spawn the cows at the maximum height then drop them, that will be funny to see.

roadkillers2267d ago

@Cam977: Lol, then deliver it straight to Burger Shot.

e-p-ayeaH2267d ago

In RDR you can find that out.

Awesome_Gamer2267d ago

Would be fun trying to overrun a horse with a car, i want to see how will it look like in R.A.G.E, i love that engine.

B_Rian892266d ago

me too. I never get tired of running down pedestrians in GTA IV because the animations and physics are so great

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Lordchunk2267d ago

I wanna be going around los Santos blowing up police vehicles with my rocket launcher and my trusty stead hopefully they will allow horse riding so i can fulfill my dreams.

GreenRanger2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I don't know what's worse; the unnecessary violence or the unnecessary violence on a horse.

Cam9772267d ago

WHAT ABOUT A COMBINE-HARVESTER? I hope they didn't leave it out; dicing cows would be funny.

GreenRanger2267d ago

I can already hear the cows laughing.

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The story is too old to be commented.