7 Ways Assassin's Creed 3 Goes Horribly Wrong

MMGN: Assassin’s Creed is a landmark series in so many ways. It shouldn’t be mired by such pesky oversights.

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Jinkies2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Well im half way through and my bigest problem is that nearly, what, 90% of the templars are British despite them saying templars would equaly be on both sides, did they do this on purpose story wise to not upset Americans, they have been very pro american with the marketing which I've found ridiculous and they have been cutting and editing trailers for American audiences not showing any colonists being killed.


I mean I was about to forgive Ubisoft at the beginning of the game when I saw Connors dad and British troops appearing to be Assassins BUT THEN they end up being Templars which burn a native American village down, I mean WTF come on Ubisoft.

I wouldnt be arsed if it made sense story wise but it doesn't not from what past AC games told us about the templars being American and George Washington and the fouding fathers being templars too. Wouldnt it of made more sense for them to be the main templars of the game and them being the ones who burnt the village down...with the British trying to liberate America from Templar control seems a bit of a sell out to me with what past codexs taught us. I've realised the game it's self isn't pro American like the marketing but they kind of have done the typical Hollywood thing with making everyone else look like the villains but America is the hero.

NovusTerminus2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I can't comment on some of that, as I do not have the game...

(I am not good with history, so I might be wrong here...)
But, we broke away from Britain due to a lot of political and tax based things passed by Parliament, but Britain has always had heavy dealings with the church, which the Templar's (in history) worked for, thus, breaking out of the Templar's grasp would mean, the Assassin's are trying to get away.

Just my random... And slightly uneducated guess here... I am from the US... And really I don't care who the villains are, so long as it is a well told story.

Jinkies2268d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Are you sure your not thinking of the freemasons which apparently in AC were just to guard the apple oversees untill it reached George Washington, the tempars in AC never dealt with the church as much only when one of them became the pope to gain more power. Besides in those days everyone was involved with the church. Didnt Thomas Paine get exiled and moved to France after writting the Age of Reason which went against the church and the templars....his friends, the other founding fathrs abandoned him because of it....see that could of been made into a plot point in the game if they went with my idea above, him becoming an Assassin and betraying the templars would of been better.

NovusTerminus2267d ago

I don't know is AC's Templars stem from those or not. Again, I have not played AC in quite a while...
But they were endorsed by the Catholic Church, and were used for a while.

knowyourstuff2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

This should really just be titled "Petty whining nitpicks that no one cares about with AC3"

uncharted562267d ago

You do realize that Connor's dad was an assassin before he was turned into a templar at a young age. And that Hathaway's dad was an assassin. Also British used to actually do these kinds of horrible things to the natives before the revolution and then Americans did these things to natives and we Canadians have also done similar things to the natives.

I don't get what your problem is? Its a freaking game for god's sake, are you really bitching about a game. I miss the times when people used to actually play games and enjoy them rather then come on Internet and bitch about it.

MattyG2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

His name is Haytham. And I thought it was strange that a templar had assassins hidden blades. But it makes sense to me now, if your right and he grew up an assassin and then turned.

Jinkies2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Disagrees from americans I suppse....obvious

If it was the otuer way round and America was made to look evil ther would be a s*** storm. If it dosent make sense compared to last games an what they've told us then im sorry you cant defend that uncharted56, its not bitching its pointing out a stories flaws, guessing your American

MattyG2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

None of these were complaints I had. These seem fairly nitpicky (most not all). My biggest issue was Desmond's story. It was mainly handled well but the conclusion just wants satisfying at ALL.

Romudeth2267d ago

The guy who wrote the article is clearly looking for things to nitpick. If he honestly considers that stuff to be major problems then there's something mentally wrong with him.

3-4-52267d ago

Not sure what the panic is. I'm about 3 hours into this game and I love it. I've played everyone and this is right up there with AC2...Probably even better to be honest.

A few random graphical glitches doesn't ruin the experience for me. The Story is awesome, the detail and City is amazing. It feels like you are actually there.

To be honest I like playing as Haytham.Not sure why people are complaining about it. This game has a bunch of different elements going on at once and for the most part they all work.