Breaking News: The Votes Are In Who's the New Video Game President?

IGN's Video Game Presidential Election comes to a conclusion. The Votes are in... find out who's your New Video Game President?

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Jinkies2176d ago

If anyone wants to know the Playstation Party won

Nathan Drake and Solid Snake


FarCryLover1822176d ago

Playstation party and multiplat party ;) ;)

Majin-vegeta2176d ago

Two of the best series ever created by two of the best Development teams.


*Snake:First order on the Agenda Drake*
*Drake:Get some champagne and get Chloe and Ellena in here for some fun ;D.

2176d ago
Summons752176d ago

To bad Snake is fictional or else I'd totally vote for him as president in a heart beat. Unlike the actual candidates, he has brains and dosen't care about money...

ugh, I'm going media blackout tuesday to spare myself to pain of having to listen to anything about the elections.

nrvalleytime2176d ago

Doesn't care about money? Snake enjoys good liquor and women - you think those are cheap? :-)

newn4gguy2176d ago

Man, that guy is a terrible actor.

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