Top Five ‘Oh Shit’ Moments in Gaming

We’ve all got them, those moments in gaming where things just aren’t going your way. Things that once made you smile now make you cringe. Rather than providing a nice release from the stress of everyday life, your play session slowly turns into an exercise in frustration and you can’t help whimper the phrase ‘Oh shit.’

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JasonBloodbourne3369d ago

What about the first time you see the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls? that should definitely be in there

Dms20123369d ago

Title is so infantile that I didn't bother to click.

guitarded773369d ago

Do naughty words scare you? I bet you don't like naughty bits either. I think it's infantile to be offended by such things... although overuse of such words is juvenile.

On topic: I was expecting more major turns in a game like [SPOILER] - When Wheatley became bad in Portal 2.

hennessey863369d ago

Saw the sunrise in crysis, that was an oh shit moment

GTRrocker6663369d ago

This article made no sense at all.

solar3369d ago

When i first ran into the pink growling monster in DOOM. Made me jump outta my chair!!!!!

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