XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review by The Black Panel

The Black Panel writes: While XCOM doesn’t have the best graphics, sound or story, it does have some of the most interesting tactical gameplay in recent memory. Commanding a squad of crack troops through this difficult yet rewarding title is one of 2012’s great gaming experiences. If you have any love for strategy gaming, the original XCOM or simply steep challenges, then Enemy Unknown is a must buy this silly season.

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SolidDuck2176d ago

Why does it say, this silly season?

SolidDuck2176d ago

But anyway, xcom is awesome by the way. I'm sure it will get lost in the crowd of holiday games, but it really is excellent and very rewarding if your at all into strategy tactical gameplay.

s8anicslayer2176d ago

I agree it will get overshadowed by the influx of big name games and the Wii U this Holliday season.