With No Huge PS3 Exclusive, Will Sony Fans Turn To Halo 4?

There really isn't much besides PlayStation All-Stars for PS3 fans this holiday season. So maybe they won't be able to resist the lure of Halo 4...

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Snookies122181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Why do you have to choose? I can love my PS3 exclusives, while still loving Microsoft exclusives as well. People who only own a PS3 won't suddenly go and buy an Xbox though for Halo 4, just because there aren't MAJOR exclusives coming out really soon. They're down the road, but they're definitely coming. I am glad that Halo 4 seems to have turned out really well, I can't wait to check it out when I get the chance.

Abash2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

First of all, the PS3 still has PlayStation All-Stars and LittleBigPlanet Karting releasing this month. Both games are only expanding the great library the PS3 has and offering new experiences for gamers.

Next, isn't it a little late in this gen to make "Jumping ship" articles? It's ridiculous how the 360 getting a good exclusive like Halo 4 is being so dramatically overblown, I mean havent the PS3 and 360 both gotten their own big releases every now and then over the past 6-7 years?

I really hope that gamers behave a lot more decent when the PS3 gets God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, Beyond, etc and dont make stupid articles like "Are 360 owners going to turn to PS3 because of the new God of War?"

Snookies122181d ago

Oh man, totally forgot about All Stars coming out... Yeah, that's a major exclusive that's looking really nice. LBP Karting seems great as well, dang it all... There are too many great games coming out lately, I don't have enough money...

MaxXAttaxX2180d ago

Most PlayStation fans won't just suddenly care about Halo if they never have before.

I don't remember anyone asking if Xbox fans were going to jump ship when they didn't have any exclusive while PS3 kept getting them.

ShinMaster2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I would say...., I don't think they would turn to Halo. Not after 6 games.

JoGam2180d ago

With No Huge PS3 Exclusive, Will Sony Fans Turn To Halo 4? Ok so Im not trying to sound trollish but 360 didnt have exclusives many of times during the launch of a PS3 exclusive and it didnt matter to them. So why would Halo matter to some PS3 fanboy. All Im saying is if you're a true gamer and love great games then it shouldnt matter. A great game is just that.

Snookies122180d ago

Well said, a great game is a great game no matter what platform it's on...

joab7772180d ago

I agree completely. I think quite a few ppl own both now. I will play halo but it wont be for awhile...too much on my plate. It looks as though it may b the best entry since the 1st. With AC 3 's below expected showing, it may get goty nod.

But to the point. This has happened often and one thing will happen. Ps3 owners, unlike 360 diehards will simply hav no choice to make between black op2 and halo 4. Ps3 cod players will continue to rise and more will be playing blops on ps3 than xbox. Myself, i am finishing dishonored and borderlands, then ac3 (which must be good). Then its ni no kuni and bioshock. Cant wait.

LX-General-Kaos2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I am pretty sure that quite a few will. Halo 4 looks to be the shooter of the year as of now.

Heisenburger2180d ago

*Rated E For Everyone*



ZoyosJD2180d ago

One game a system does not make.

Particularly one that is a sequel and of the same quality and style of its successors.

Halo 4 may be game of the year for some, but if Halo 3, ODST, and Reach didn't make them jump I really doubt this will.

It all comes down to preference.

Hicken2180d ago

You're breaking character again. No signature at the end, and not a very well thought-out comment.

Halo is a pretty highly acclaimed franchise, and 4 looks like it'll be a worthy addition, but does ANYBODY usually jump ship entirely because one console is getting one exclusive while the other isn't?

Do you expect people waiting on The Last of Us to sell their PS3 and instead get a 360 because Halo's coming out? Replace The Last of Us with Ni no Kuni, or any of another dozen games; would it make sense for people get rid of the system those games are on simply because of Halo?

Has this been your true face all along?

Jinkies2180d ago

"You're breaking character again. No signature at the end, and not a very well thought-out comment"

Hes slipping, must have so many bubles now that his real self is starting to show

Its only a matter of time

Majin-vegeta2181d ago

Hell No LBP Karting and PSASBR is all i need.

Chuk52181d ago

I am very intrested in seeing how allstars shakes out. Something about it right now, hasn't gelled with me for some reason. But Lpbk, come on dude. It looks fun, but it's hardly a stand in.

cee7732180d ago

all stars is whats up loving the beta

dubt722180d ago

Couldn't pay me to play those terrible games...

Jinkies2181d ago

Couldn't this be worked both ways

"With no other exclusives after Halo and Gears will Xbox fans turn to the PS3"

Just don't have to pick a side.

smashcrashbash2180d ago

Exactly. I personally dislike Halo games immensely. They are the most overblown shooters I have ever played in my life. I couldn't even get through the the first two in the series.I am am quite satisfied with getting PASBR and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and waiting for Beyond, Sly 4, GOW Ascension, Puppeteer,Rain and Last of Us. I don't need to cater to Microsoft's way of tossing you an exclusive bone every now and again.Patience and my games will come to me.I don't need Halo as a life preserver until then.

Man-E-Faces2180d ago

I as well feel the same way about Halo smashcrashbash, but let's not forget the excuse that 360 fanboys have been using as of late "The Multiplats" Assassin's Creed 3, Black Ops, and a very big 1 for PS3 only owners Mass Effect 1. Two of those multiplats alone will be the most gifted, bought during the holidays anyways regardless of another Halo being released. Maybe a better question would be "What are the other xbox 360 owners who don't like/buy Halo going to turn to?" What's that you say the multiplats.

Convas2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Oh boy. Trying to take advantage of that Halo 4 traffic I see ...

Thankfully, I've got both so it's all par for the course. Next exclusive up, Ni No Kuni!

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