Will Disney Destroy LucasArts?

By now you've undoubtedly heard that Disney spent $4.05 billion to purchase LucasFilms from its owner, George Lucas. The buyout will make Mr. Lucas one of the top 100 richest people in America, and sets the stage for an entirely new generation of Star Wars films. But while most of the media has been understandably preoccupied with the prospect of a few new Star Wars movies, that's certainly not the only notable franchise affected by the deal.

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Jinkies2176d ago

Look on the bright side, if they do Battlefront 3 maybe a Mickey Mouse head skin will appear as an unlockable...or an Iron Man one.

"Yeah just defeating the Rebels as Iron big deal"

NovusTerminus2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Well. They can't do worse then Lucas has done...By revisiting the franchise, to add an annoying CGI song and dance into the cantina, rendering eyebrows onto Vader in the final movie, adding the "NOOOOOO" dialog into the last one again, replacing the actors of the ghosts in the last one.

And then, Indiana Jones 4... 'nuff said.

Really, everything he did has been needless and just slowly decaying away a classic.

They are not that bad of a company, they could help LA focus more, and get some games going!