Games Reporter Matt Hughes Passes Away In Apparent Suicide

Matt Hughes, a freelancer who wrote about gaming for outlets like GamesRadar, Joystiq, and Mac|Life, passed away Tuesday in Commerce, Michigan.

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MattyG2181d ago

Such an awful loss. He will be sorely missed.

guitarded772181d ago

Very sad when one decides to take their own life. Mental illness or traumatic experiences can make it seem like they're is nothing left to live for, but no matter what kind of crap life throws at you, it will get better. I wish someone had been there to tell him "It's gonna get better, just keep on keeping on".

Suicide is not reported in mainstream news, because there is this idea that it will give attention to those dead, ultimately glorifying the tragedy and giving those contemplating suicide another reason to do it. The downside is since we don't hear/see reporting on the actual numbers of suicides, we don't know how serious the issue is worldwide.

If you ever know someone who shows signs of suicidal behavior, talk to them, let them know life gets better no matter how crappy it may be, and help them get to the professional help they may need. For most it's as simple as getting medication to regulate a chemical imbalance. Sad, sad story... thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.

Rockefellow2181d ago

Jesus... he did this just a few miles away from where I live. I'm familiar with a lot of his work, and this is nothing short of shocking.

chobit_A5HL3Y2181d ago

i thought they were talking about that ufc fighter O.O

BananaEatingSquid2181d ago

This is a horrible loss for everyone. He seemed like a genuinely great person and will be missed.

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The story is too old to be commented.