Hurricane Sandy Delays Second GTA V Trailer

From the newest edition of the Rockstar Newswire, the official online newsletter for the makers of Grand Theft Auto: “We are working on a second trailer - unfortunately Hurricane Sandy has derailed our plans somewhat but we will have something to show soon. Its hard to be precise as we have no power whatsoever in our New York office. We hope everyone else in affected areas is doing okay.”

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just_looken2178d ago

fuck thats were a backup is helpful they could give there work and or trailer to another rstar department and get them to uploaded or finish it.

BiggCMan2178d ago

THE HELL WITH THAT! I literally just finished reading the article that said a new trailer was coming tomorrow, and the immediately after I find this!! KARMA IS A DIRTY ASSHOLE!!

mt2177d ago Show
Jinkies2178d ago

Right since no one wants to say it since people will most likely be sheep and try to be all noble I'm going to say what most of us are really thinking

Oh for god sake, see they should of done this sooner, I mean they announced it last year, why wait nearly a year to give us more info. If you heard a really bad storm was on it's way that could possible wipe the power out wouldn't you move it's location to another city via email or post so they can finish it just incase the worst happens. They do have other studios

mafiahajeri2178d ago

Blizzard and R* always do this they really are stingy with their reveals, hurricane or no hurricane.

Mr_cheese2178d ago

Blizzard or no blizzard?

blue_cheese2178d ago

i agree. they didn't foresee this possibility with a weeks notice of the type of weather incoming from hurricane sandy? kind of stupid if you ask me, should have sent the trailer to another studio of R.

Jinkies2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I live in England and this is what I heard about for like a week, if I knew it was coming and it was going to be devesating enough to possibly wipe power out I would of sent it to one of their many other studios to finish it.

It's common sense at the end of the day...especialy for a bussiness

scotchmouth2177d ago

That and they had a full year to make another one

-MD-2178d ago

Yes, because keeping your mouth shut and waiting patiently for a trailer to a video game that isn't out for another 8 months in the aftermath of a hurricane makes you a sheep.

uncharted562177d ago

There was a catastrophic event and all you can care about is a trailer. I'm sure they will not release the trailer this week anyways because people are recovering from the effects of hurricane Sandy as well as they are. Have some patience its coming and have some sympathy for your fellow humans, sir.

Jinkies2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago ) guys in America dont give a crap about anywhere else, we have to hold a minutes silence for 9/11 but no one in the US does it for 7/7 bombings. Dont try and be all for bubbles are we

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Outsider-G2178d ago

Would've been good if they did have a backup copy of the trailer to send to other studios just in case something does happen, I agree.

My guess is that they'll release it next week and plus with the 18 page info we get from GameInformer, it's going to be great.

BigStef712178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

This video pretty much sums up my thoughts

SAE2178d ago

that made me calm down a little bit xD ...

Oldman1002176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Yell all you want no one's gonna hear you...


BigStef712176d ago

You sir are brilliant!!! That video just made my day:)

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