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BT writes: 343 Industries have created a title here with sparks of brilliance, making me really get into the Chief/Cortana relationship for the first time, but the whole experience is let down by lackluster gameplay and poor pacing. This studio obviously has it in them to produce, and the last few sequences show promise that hopefully can be expanded upon in the sequels. Despite this, I fail to see how I can possibly rank this game anywhere above average.

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JANF2266d ago

5/10 really? There's always a website looking for hits.

SonyStyled2266d ago

agreed, looking for hits. i generally ignore/dont trust reviews that seem out of place compared to other review scores.

DatNJDom812266d ago Show
knowyourstuff2266d ago

You're always going to find excellent games with bad reviews, MGS series, Uncharted series, God of War series, there's always some douchebag out there looking to sh*t all over everyone else's fun in their own uppity way.

AngryTypingGuy2266d ago

So far I've seen IGN's score of 9.8/10, and now BT's score of 5/10. Either IGN is giving up its reputability and kissing MS's ass, or BT is trying to be "that website" by being different. Time will tell as more reviews roll in. Considering the people behind Halo 4 and the fact that MS spared no expense, I'm willing to believe that IGN's score is more accurate.

TheRealSpy2266d ago Show
Kurt Russell2266d ago

Gotta love it when someone like DatNJDom81 calls everyone a fangirl then goes mega nerd rage on our arses.

darthv722266d ago

there are many factors that go into how someone reviews something. It could be that they just simply didnt like it and had to give it a score.

Or it could be someone trying to stir up stuff for hits (as others have said). We all know that opinions differ but we should reserve our. The game IS for me so I will judge it accordingly.

I would expect someone who has played the series and understands the story dynamics to be a rational person the review. I would NOT expect someone who's main role in life is to say "what fries with that" to be the voice of reason in writing a game review.

There are people suited for certain tasks that are just better at it than others. And by no means was i implying the reviewer is the "fry guy". That was just an example.

Statix2266d ago

@TheRealSpy said:

"you have no sub-par exclusives to pretend are good (ie uncharted, killzone). we get it."

Are you joking?

ShinMaster2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Sounds about right.

There are plenty of Halo fans and they'll always buy and like these games no matter the flaws.
People don't understand that it doesn't have to be revolutionary or that it doesn't have to win over new gamers. It just has to be good enough to satisfy the fans.

Maybe the reviewer is jaded. And although some points he made were quite valid, maybe he was a bit too harsh.

Qrphe2265d ago

Basically what knoryourstuff said

They're called outliners, and they're ALWAYS there.

NewMonday2265d ago

So far about 100 comments and counting

"looking for hits" is cheap but works

ZombieNinjaPanda2265d ago

IF you look at this from a reviewers perspective, he gave it a 5/10 meaning just about average.

People gotta remember there are 2 halves to the 10 point scale.

Insomnia_842265d ago

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter 4.5/10..5/10..6/10..8/10

Some "gamers": "if they say it is bad that's because it is.

Halo 4: 5/10 7/10

Some "gamers": "nahh they are just looking for hits"

lmao! some people..

Blacktric2265d ago

"Either IGN is giving up its reputability and kissing MS's ass, or BT is trying to be "that website" by being different."




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Yodagamer2266d ago

The site was probably looking for hits, but there is also the possibility that he just didn't like the game.

Bathyj2266d ago

Even if he personally didnt enjoy it, I dont believe for a second this game is of such poor quality as to warrant a 5.

A 5 is a broken, unplayable mess.

A review is supposed to be a reflection of quality. Some of these hacks need to get the notion out of their heads that calling it opinion justifies anything they want to say including baggage they brought with them.

JasonXS122266d ago

Well said. A lot of reviewers these days review games based on bias and opinionated thought and no actual work goes into reviewing the game for what it actually is.
Simple instances such as rating the game bad because of 1 issue (eg. a bad ending), and disregarding the rest of the game's quality.
I think one game that suffers from this is AC3. Most of the low rated reviews for AC3 only have pointless complaints and a bad ending. A bad ending doesn't justify a 5/10.

shodan742266d ago


Er, I was under the impression that a 5 meant 'average' - not "an unplayable, broken mess".

Don't get me wrong, this score certainly seems drastically lower than the consensus and would appear to be quite harsh. But I blame review score inflation generally for the kind of ire these verdicts attract. If the writer did indeed feel the game was average and, under their site's score criteria a 5 is considered to signal as much, then there you go.

Hellsvacancy2266d ago

IGN gave MOH a 5, and MOH isnt a broken mess, I can tell you that, as ive played it a little, its boring thats the problem, but it doesnt deserve a 5 like IGN gave it

"theres no better review than your own"

Grap2266d ago

No MOH is broken the game itself run that way no update can fix it.

ginsunuva2266d ago


5=average. You're just accustomed to the elementary school grading scale.

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HammadTheBeast2266d ago

I saw "Cortana/Chief" relationship and stopped reading. This isn't a low budget soap. It's Halo.

Omnislash2266d ago


Im actually interested in video game stories, Im gonna judge this game myself solely on the story. When I play this game the story better blow me away or Im pretty much going to agree with this review...

How different can this Halo be from the other ones anyway? C'mon be real....


Not quite sure what you mean Hammad, Cortana and chief have had a relationship since Halo CE.

It's one that has grown over the series.

That is part of what makes Halo.. well Halo.

chaos-lockheart2266d ago

I hate critics, just like to judge games and not play to have fun. "Master Chief is brought out of cryostasis and teams up with Cortana. They accidentally stumble across an artificial Forerunner planet. "If that sounds like a lack of creativity and new ideas, then you should wait until you get into the game"
what does this got to do with anything??? Tetris doesn't have story, bomberman had a short simple story, but it was all fun to play, people gave it high reviews, to me i think this game is a plus to even have a story, they can just make online play only and everyone will still love it.

admiralvic2265d ago

While having a story is usually a plus, not every game needs a story, thus it's only an issue when it needs to be one.

Take Spelunker, it's a simple game about a spelunker in a cave. Sure odd stuff happens to him, but do you really need a story about how aliens came to Earth to create creatures, which resulted in these series of odd caves and the creation of the human race? (thats pretty much what the mural you could form / true ending implies) If you ask me, a story like this would be dumb as **** and I would give the game less credit over having absolutely nothing.

In the end, we all ascribe different meanings to different things. These can change wildly based off the most minor of differences. Mass Effect 3 was highly regarded, but the ending apparently "ruins the series". This basically suggests that the scores would be wildly different between someone that finished and someone that played till some point. While I certainly agree gameplay is the most important, these are subjective things. I thought Bioshock was an okay game with an amazing story. Does it really warrant a 5 or even as low as a 7? Ultimately we should expect more from developers, not less.

Lovable2266d ago

Scores sounds about right.

Flewid6382265d ago


So it's humanly impossible for someone not to like Halo 4??


wages of sin2265d ago

What a stupid, hyperbolic comment. Stop being a dramaqueen because that's not the point being made here. It's the quality of the writing, the actual review that is being questioned, not a pesons 'right' to like/not like Halo 4.

Insomnia_842265d ago

There can only be one of us, CDzNutts.

AO1JMM2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

They must know Brandon Justice from EGM. It is a nobody site anyway.

Gamer19822265d ago

Oh dear a website gives a game its honest opinion and doesn't like a game AND NOT EVERYBODY DOES REALITY CHECK! and its fishing for hits now... This just proves its not a 10/10 game.

NastyLeftHook02265d ago

its an opinion. GET OVER IT. he has the right to not like the game. and 5/10 is medicore.

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inf3cted12266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Pff, they can brag all they want. Its not gonna show up on metacritic, so yeah..

And no Halo 4 doesnt deserve a 5/10. This guy just doesnt get that for Halo to be awesome, it has to play like Halo and feel like Halo. This reviewer thinks everything would change, but its not how it works.

And its not like they didnt change anything. There is some new gameplay added without breaking the formula.

PS: And this websites really slow. Might pop up a second comment of mine. Sorry about that.

Kohven2265d ago

Yeah just wait. Metacritic trolls are going to be flooded with PS3 fanboys.

2266d ago
Megaton2266d ago

Trying too hard. I don't think it deserves all of its 10's either, but come on. Assuming it's exactly the same as all the others, it's at least a 7.

SAE2266d ago

i would give it a score between 7 and 9 but not above , that if i reviewed it as a halo game and didn't compare it to other games ..

Wile2266d ago

Meh, I'd play the game before I offered up any score, otherwise it's an assumption rather than an opinion.

SAE2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

It's just a bigger halo game with a different story just like gears of war 3 , i don't need to play it to know if it's good or not or worth higher then 9, i always know the special game when i see it , like when you look at gta v trailer you know it will be above 9 game

it's not that i don't like halo or gears , they are just really hyped , i love the original games , the sequels just doesn't worth above 9 for me compared to the first games ....

i think these sequels should be made in next generation to blow us again , but in this generation they are just normal games to me and im not impressed at all like before ...

chaos-lockheart2266d ago

I can play with my eyes blind and even give it a 7 or 8

Linko642266d ago

''The amount of things Microsoft said I couldn’t talk about in this review!''

Surely if that was the case then all that is required is to buy the game then review it? or does said author not wish to spend money?

RockmanII72266d ago

Probably wanted to get the review out before release date.

slugg2266d ago

according to what I've read other places, he is referring to MS asking reviewers not to reveal story spoilers and such in their reviews.