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The British Empire colonized the east coast of North America very early in the 17th century. After a hundred and fifty-plus years of British rule, the colonists of America, as a result of a shift in ideology, rebelled. Assassin’s Creed III drops you into this historically rich world of the American Revolution as a Native American known as Ratonhnhaké:ton, placing you in the middle of key moments in America’s quest for independence.

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GameTechZero2177d ago

Im seeing a lot of mixed opinions on this game. Does it look different and have different bugs on each console/PC?

Son_Lee2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

The game just begins excruciatingly slow. You won't even play as Connor for about the first 4-5 hours.

Yi-Long2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

... that's partly crap because of the 'Desmond' parts!?

I truly hate the whole 'Desmond/sci-fi aspect of the series. I don't like the character, I don't like that storyline, and the gameplay in those levels is just soooo boring.

All these AC games would have been better without that Desmond overlay-story, and truthfully, the AC games also never needed the Desmond story.

I loved Assassin's Creed 2 because of Ezio, his story, his levels, his gameplay. Not Desmond.

DanSolo2176d ago

Yeah the Desmond parts are the worst part of the game, although they didn't have to be.

In the first game the Desmond parts were not too intrusive and added that conspiracy feel to the game, but when they got expanded they just got plain boring and took away from the game rather than added to it!

In Revelations (which I still haven't got around to completing) I found whenever I was in a Desmond sequence I'd just be trying to rush it as it felt like it was getting in the way of the game!

It's a shame though.... when I played AC2 and Brotherhood I got immersed into the game and completed it quickly.... with Revelations I find myself not being that bothered to play even though I want to find out the conclusion of Ezio's story!


They blew the game up the moment they went into that storyline from the first game when they didn't need to.

Just my opinon, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if there were little hints of it during game but nothing else at all mentioned.

then for the last game bring it into the present day and only then reveal that all the previous games were played through the Anamus etc so it's a big supprize that comes toward the end of the game.

They should not have had all those extentions of AC2, the game released this year should have been straight off the back of AC2 and should have concluded Ezio's story. The AC3 we have now should have been for the start of Next Gen although maybe that would have not worked out with how they want to tie into the Dec date plotline. I don't know, not finished AC3 yet.

Eyeco2176d ago

It's funny because Ubisoft never mention or show an advert with the Desmond parts , so when I first played AC I was like "the fvck is this" I honestly thought I bought the wrong game and its funny because its so bizarre and out of place people bitched about in the 1st game 5 years later and 5 games its still present ....why ?

Kennytaur2176d ago

This is actually something Liberation gets right. No screwing around, here's your character and setting, go!

Pintheshadows2176d ago

I dislike the Desmond parts as well. It's not like he is a crucial narrative device either. The games would be telling the exact same story without him involved.

Sketchy_Galore2176d ago

I strongly suspect that the Desmond aspect was not intended to be part of the story originally but got added after one of the money men had a nightmare about a fifteen year old boy with an emo haircut playing it and saying, 'Eeeeeew, these guys are old. Where are the skinny jeans and mobile phones? This is like history class or something'.

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CommonSense2176d ago

I just started playing it on 360 and i've noticed a TON of bugs. Seems pretty much like AC to me, though.

josephayal2176d ago

agreed, so many bugs and glitches

M1chl2176d ago

Sadly agreed, this game is filled with bugs, that sometimes its impossible to advance in mission and you simply have to reload. It bothers me, why is this happening when Relevations had gameplay mechanics crafted to excelence (I speak about gameplay not the game as whole). Its seems that AC3 was in development for year and Relevations for 3 years, even though in reality is the oposite situation. If they can patch it, its probably gonna be superb AC game, but if not, its gonna be probably the worst. Shame

ironcreed2176d ago

You will not even see how great and how absolutely HUGE this game really is until you reach sequence 5-6. It's a shame that many are getting frustrated with how long it takes to start playing as Connor, but a big story is being set up this way and you can't appreciate it until you reach a certain point.

Let me just say that playing with Connor is more fun than than anything the series has offered so far. This game on the whole is much greater than the sum of it's parts. Could it have been more polished in areas? Definitely. Is it a bad game? Hell no, just a very big one with a story that may be too slow for some.

You will not even see the best of what the gameplay has to offer until you are over 6 hours in. But make no mistake, you will feel like you are playing a different game once you get there. If you have patience and love getting into a game's story, then you will be very well rewarded here as it unfolds and seemingly gets bigger and bigger and let's you do more and more.

Hufandpuf2176d ago

I doubt a person that paid $60 for the game will stop playing after 4-5 hours. I'm sure people will play as Connor.

ironcreed2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

I have read many reports of people getting bored to death of the early parts, and make no mistake, some gamers are a finicky bunch that want instant gratification. Especially in a holiday season packed with releases. I can see many moving on to something else before they really get a chance to see what the game has to offer. Hell, we have all bailed on games early before and later returned to them only to find out that we love it. I know I have.

Pintheshadows2176d ago

I actually loved the slow opening. This has never been a series that has started with a bang. AC3 has a wonderfully considered build up which reminds of a prologue to a good book.

MasterD9192176d ago

Played a few multiplayer matches last night with no lag or server issues. Didn't have a problem finding a game either. I installed the game on my hard-drive anyways, but my campaign experience so far has been quite pleasant.

No-one here is wrong is saying that the game starts off slow. Connor's father's story line is certainly a lot longer than anyone anticipated but that's because it literally sets up the story...There have been a lot of parts of this game that remind me of Red Dead and I absolutely love it.

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