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Gaming Age: "Not as full-featured as the console version of Assassin’s Creed III, but Liberation makes up for it with a streamlined experience, an interesting main character and story, and plenty of unique gameplay ideas."

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Myst2177d ago

I am pleasantly surprised by Liberation. I took a leap of faith in getting the game when I went to get Ragnarok Odyssey. Despite how much hype I had for Ragnarok I've been playing Liberation more. At the same time it makes me want to go out and buy AC3 and hope that she will perhaps appear in the multiplayer segment since they said you can link the two.

The only gripe and a small one at that is the story feels rather jumbled a bit here and there. I guess without some way of having a person like Desmond or rather someone outside of history it just felt a bit weird; but like I said just something really small. Overall I agree with this score and glad I picked up the game my Vita has been losing so much battery power due to this game.