Amazon Opens Countdown to Black Friday 2012 Video Game Deals Page

PSLS: Okay… it’s definitely a little too early for Black Friday deals already, right? doesn’t think so, and has already opened up their countdown to Black Friday deals page for video games.

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Sev2180d ago

It's beginning much earlier than expected this year. But that's a good thing. I would never complain about saving money ;)

MasterD9192180d ago

I think it's beginning earlier because a lot of stores are now doing amazing promotions and have even gone as far as to institute price-matching to beat their competitors.

BB and Target are pretty much working the same deals. NewEgg keeps tossing out $12 off promos...TRU is even getting in on the action. I'm waiting on Amazon to do something big, although they have been a bit disappointing lately.

Either way, great time to do some shopping for the holiday season. And big weeks of releases coming out so expect more deals.

doctorstrange2180d ago

I want Black Friday here :(

2179d ago
knifefight2179d ago


Duh nuh NUH-NUH, duh-nuh NUH nuh nuh!