Mountain Dew-branded Halo 4 game makes a weird sort of sense

GamesBeat interviewed the developer responsible for Halo 4: King of the Hill Fueled by Mountain Dew and discovered that it's not all that bad.

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illegalyouth2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

"It's like, people only do these things because they can get paid. And that's just really sad."

wita2202d ago

Good read. I like the positive side of this, rather than just focusing on how this stuff is cheap/selling out.

Megaton2202d ago

Nah, it's that bad. The most innovative part about every new Halo game is Microsoft's boundary-pushing initiative to sell out as hard as possible for launch.

DecoyOctopus2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

I think it's a pretty clever marketing idea coming out with the game fuel flavor that alot of people seem to really like only once a year when a big game comes out so they just have to buy it... but a game for a game? it's just seems a little bit overkill to me... Damn you capitalism!

LtComAmbrose2202d ago

you can fake locations on your phone rofl