GTA V: new art, images, pre-order bonus photos

Take a look at a brand new piece of art, images, and more from Grand Theft Auto V (official - in other words not a rumor).

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WeskerChildReborned2203d ago

I'm liking all this GTA V exposure lately, hopefully trailer 2 is coming up.

Blacktric2203d ago

Look at the Futureshop letter. It says that they just released trailer 2 and that starting from November 5th, game will become available for preorder, which can be interpreted as the second trailer will be released before November 5th.

WeskerChildReborned2203d ago

I know and Gamestop also has a GTA V logo on their main page so i'm wondering if they are updating it for the second trailer thats suppose to come.

ShabbaRanks2202d ago

Its strange tho... The artwork isnt like past GTA games imo. It has more of a SaintsRowish feel to them.

Anyway I doubt this game will suck lol... Hope its more like SanAndreas, no too over the top but still uber fun :P

WeskerChildReborned2202d ago

Yep the artwork style looks alot more serious than the other ones, i can't wait for this game.

rezzah2203d ago

Im sure they wanted implied sexual meaning to that pic. Symbolism all the way, it adds to it.

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MasterD9192203d ago

I thought it was an actual pre-order DLC item, but it's some mini-keychain scope....Mehhh...

Still can't wait for the game though.

crimsonfox2203d ago

You also get a poster though. I'm actually in the process of getting all of my GTA posters framed and put up in my living room at my new place so I'm happy about the poster

MasterD9192203d ago

I didn't see the part about the poster, but that's at least worthy of a pre-order bonus.
GTA has the best posters for games too, and has for quite some time.

Sounds like you have a good idea. I'm still sitting on my Vice City posters and I may even have the original GTA 3 posters from way back when. Not a bad idea to frame 'em and hang them up together...

crimsonfox2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Yeah the only problem is they all aren't the same size so it's not as symmetrical as my eyes would like them to be. but I'm also collecting the GTA III 10 year anniversary lithographs and those are all the same size so they look legit next to each other, I'm waiting for R* to release the ones for Vice City 10th anniversary also. They all look so bad ass though. When San Andreas came out my cousin painted a mural in my old living room wall of one of the billboards that was down the street from my house because my dad saw how excited i was for the game haha
EDIT: I had this painted on my wall for 5 years I had to cover it up when I had my son and had to conform into a regular looking house haha

MasterD9192203d ago

Yeah, I hear you on the poster size. It all depends how you will set it up though...The sizes won't matter as much if you keep them in the same styled frames and do it in a way that works.

That billboard was awesome and I'm sure it looked great in your place. I'd love to have a mural like that in my future game room. The GTA posters really have a great style to where they could go perfectly in a room without making it too much like a super-fans dedicated dream room. Hell, I'd even like to create my own one day using that style and filter...

TBONEJF2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

time to pre order GTA V last time i PRE ORDER GTA IV i got the sweet safety deposit box with keys and key chain . oh yeah LOVE DAT PIC so hot

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