Face-Off: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Digital Foundry- Danger Close has found some success in transplanting the core Medal of Honor: Warfighter experience across multiple platforms without too many compromises, but the game itself falls short of the lofty standards set by the Battlefield and Call of Duty games. There's plenty of potential locked away in the concept and ideas Danger Close has for the series, but this latest instalment feels far too much like a mishmash of gameplay concepts marred by distinct lack of polish to be considered a worthwhile purchase at full price.

On a graphical level, the situation is far more impressive. Performance-wise the PS3 game leads the way where the campaign is concerned, running largely without screen tearing and with fewer frame-rate drops. When online the 360 is the more stable of the two, dealing with larger environments and alpha effects more easily.

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Neonridr2181d ago

I love how they put the PC in these comparisons. 99% of the time the PC version is going to look and play better.

Crazyglues2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You know surprisingly the single player of the game is really nice..

I loved the rain effect and the size of the maps, visuals are nice.. (it's a shame too because they dropped the ball in other areas)

For one why is there no Hard, how do you only have Normal and easy... come on'

and the little skull above the head in single player - red for dead, white for head-shot, is Awesome, I love that feature, Why is in not in Multi-player???

Big-mistake not adding that.. it's a really cool touch that you get use to and start to enjoy having..

Gun-Customization is Awesome, oh my god, skins and bullet packs and scopes have never looked so good and been so much fun to add to your gun.. you really get to customize your weapon and go crazy... Love it.

Where it fails.. The Menu system is awful, I'm a tech guy and I got lost trying to do simple things like mute mic, join friend to start a game.. just WTF..?? is it stupid on purpose or what?.. hated it.

Why are the maps not wide and amazing like in the single player, I mean wow - missed opportunity. Could have been really cool - could have made the map smaller but keep it wide and large like in single player so it's easy to see your enemy and attack..

-Just use parts of the single player to make the multi-player maps.. Add that amazing weather, rain, thunder... come on' -why is it so hard to just make the game really good..

if your going after COD, you gotta do far better then this... This game could easily sell 8 to 12 million copies if they would step it up and give it the better design..

Danger Close call me, I'll help you make the next one Awesome...