Can Gamestop Outmatch Toys R Us This Holiday Season?

For years Toys R Us has been known as the #1 store for holiday shopping for kids. With their wide array of video games and software these days, they’ve only conquered the market even more. Wal-Mart had become a huge rival to Toys R Us somewhere around five years ago, but where does that leave Gamestop? Forgotten in the dirt? Almost. This year, however, Gamestop’s chosen a new selling strategy for the holiday season.

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greenpowerz2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Both have the xbox 360 250 gig and 4gig *For All* $99 2 year XBL gold plan(250 gig with kinect for $150) but gamestop is offering 250 gig slims that come with a free skyrim and part of forza 4. You can also trade in things like HDMI cables and apple products at Gamestop. Is Toys r us selling the 360 with the $50 price drop?