DmC: Devil May Cry - Four extreme difficulty settings confirmed as unlockable

Gamesradar- Don't go worrying that DmC: Devil May Cry is going to be too easy following the series' move to a western developer. At a recent preview event we spotted evidence of the return of four of the series' traditional unlockable difficulty settings, a couple of which should be as far from a push-over as it gets.

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Omar912177d ago

cannot wait for this game! I just hope I beat all my games that I'm working on now before this one comes out

Chitown712912177d ago

"Confirmed as unlockable" ??????? Duh? Wtf were they gonna make it , DLC?

LightSamus2177d ago

Knowing Capcom, I wouldn't put it past them.

FlameHawk2177d ago

I think it's when you finish the game in like normal difficulty, the other difficulties will be unlocked. If it is DLC, that is an all time low.

hiptanaka2177d ago

"Four extreme difficulty settings confirmed as unlockable".

Surprised it's not unlockable DLC.

Lovable2177d ago

DUDE! You just gave them a new idea for their next game...ugh we're dead

Skate-AK2177d ago

They are doing it for RE6.

vork772177d ago

Slate-AK RE6 is already out try RE7

Dark_Overlord2177d ago


You do realise Skate-AK was referring to the 'No Hope' difficulty that Capcom recently added to RE6 :)

Myst-Vearn2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I will buy this when I find it used for $10 or less


kratos172177d ago

seven difficulty levels seems a little high to me.

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