Resident Evil 1.5 - Fans recreate cancelled Resident Evil 2 Game

DSOGaming writes: "Remember the canncelled Resident Evil 2 game? Yeap, that one with Elsa Walker and Leon Kenedy? Well, good news everyone as a team of fans is currently recreating it."

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Cam9772268d ago

Amazing! I wish the people working on it luck, I would love to play this someday. Right now I'm reliving my favourite Resident Evil, Resident Evil... 1 - On my Vita.

chadboban2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Weird glitch made me double post.

chadboban2268d ago

Have you ever tried the remake of RE1 for the gamecube? It's incredible!

Cam9772268d ago

Unfortunately, I have not been able to experience that title. I did have Resident Evil Archives: ZERO on the Wii but didn't get round to picking up the RE1 remake when really; I wish I had gone and picked it up.

Neonridr2268d ago

Agreed, RE:Remake for Gamecube is amazing.

Marcello2268d ago

RE1 Remake is totally awesome, you really have missed out so far by not picking it up.

Matpan2267d ago

So far, among all the RE I´ve played. Code Veronica I enjoyed the most. I haven´t played RE4, must admit though.

abzdine2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Resident Evil 1 Remake exists already and still looks gorgeous today. I'd love an HD release on PS Store.

But Resident Evil 2 remake would be crazy as well!

Code: Veronica is also one of the best ever and an HD version is already available. RE4 was a good game but too much action for me i didnt like that.

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PiccoloGR2268d ago

The interesting part here is that there are some never before seen scenes (with regards to the 'museum videos' of the cancelled RE2 game).

barb_wire2268d ago

How long before Capcom sends them a cease & desist letter?

PiccoloGR2268d ago

They stayed anonymous and did not reveal much, so Capcom can't really send anything. The problem here is that we won't get info about it for a while (anyone remember the Chrono Trigger remake on Unreal Engine 3?)

claud32268d ago

Awsome job, love the series... makes me want to blow the dust off and play them oldies again :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

FINALLY! Now all we need is a team behind Resident Evil 3.5 (that is if I don't finish game development before then) but I have a felling Zwei may be similar to that.....hopefully

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