New Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package launch trailer

"THQ and Volition have just announced a new launch trailer for The Full Package edition of Saints Row: The Third. Please be advised that the trailer is advised for an audience of 18 and over."

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Cam9772180d ago

I hate it how game companies do this! It's an absolute joke that they release a botched copy then 1 year later decide to release the full, unabridged edition!

LOGICWINS2180d ago

Learn to wait/anticipate. With the plethora of DLC packs this game got, this was inevitable.

Cam9772180d ago

That's the best thing to do if I'm honest. It even happens with the best games, GTA:IV and RDR both had this treatment, and with GTA:V coming, I see the same thing happening. Unfortunately, I can't hold off GTA:V at launch, but I can hold off of the DLC until a 'complete' edition is released.

nrvalleytime2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )


Out of curiousity, what was botched about Saints Row - The Third?

I'm not really familiar with the game's history, to be honest.

Moncole2180d ago

They should sell the DLC package on Steam that give all the content for about 15$ or 10$

Ducky2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

They already sold the Game+AllDLC for ~$10 (or $12?) during the summer sale.

It was on the last day of the sale I believe.

Moncole2180d ago

It was all 14$ together but Australia got it all for 9$.

Megaton2180d ago

This was all disc-locked cut content. All the stupid weapons and clothing.

2180d ago
MasterD9192180d ago

I'm more excited for SR4 at this point. SR3 was good initially but it didn't take long to see that it didn't have the same kick that SR2 and even SR1 had.

And I had the season pass included with my order, and still wasn't impressed by any of the DLC packs.

ShaunCameron2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I wonder what high-profile (current or former) porn actress the next SR will have as a special guest. I'm kinda hoping Bree Olsen.

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