No, Your Game Doesn’t Need Multiplayer

Does your new game need multiplayer? Probably not. Here's why.

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Jinkies2176d ago

I think what bugged me about Mass Effects 3 was not just because it didn't need it but because

1) You had to play it to get the best ending (I know...hillarious right, "best" ending)


2) When the ending was leaked in November last year they had to delay the game, thats when they got another studio/team to work on the multiplayer EVEN THOUGH they could of spent time, money and resources they wasted on that on making the ending even better so they didn't have to rush it with the first idea they came up with and adding in the content that was cut because they didn't have enough time AKA the Omega DLC.

Temporary2174d ago

ME3 multiplayer is amazing...when the game was over for me the game was over. I dont plan on getting the Single player DLC but ill continue to support the multiplayer.

Jinkies2174d ago

Good for you....least we know why single player games are dying ¬¬

Fact is the ME multiplayer is average at best...

wallis2175d ago

As single player games like halo or cod can become juggernauts off their muliltiplayer modes then we're not gonna stop publishers from thinking its the balls. They can't quite appreciate that some games just suit it more than others.

Gigglefist2175d ago

NOTHING is worse than tacked-on multiplayer.
I'm talking to you, Bioshock 2!
You too, Doom 3!

The Meerkat2175d ago

You can add The Darkness too

pandehz2175d ago

ME3 multiplayer is fun. Nuff said

Megaton2175d ago

I think of ME3 multiplayer in the same way I think of James Vega. Something that takes up space that could have been used for something better.

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The story is too old to be commented.