First Okami Wii screenshots spotted

Capcom has today released the first official screenshots of its PlayStation 2 port of Okami for the Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately they're a little (read: 'a lot') on the small side, but frankly Nintendic is just pleased to see them at all, as no doubt many gamers will be too.

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Julie5094d ago

I love her , nice pic feeding a deer!!! :3
I have it on the PS2 and i will have it again on the Wii :D

kingme715094d ago

I hope the images are bigger in the game :)

anh_duong5094d ago

aren't those pictures the ds version?? you can never tell these days .. j/k don't take my bubbles okay?

proArchy5094d ago

Okami mobile phone, CONFIRMED!!!

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