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Neonridr2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Pretty Good. Much better than that UK Advert.

Pretty much showcases several of the unique features. Although I am surprised it didn't show ZombiU at all during it, since that seems to be the game most people are excited for.

Not the best commercial I have ever seen, but it seems to be more of a teaser than anything. Plus we all remember that creepy crying baby doll that was supposed to be a commercial for the PS3. Talk about disasters..

Dr_Salvitor2203d ago

i expect another( Ign says theirs multiple mix ups of the Ad) before launch showing more of the Games and Gameplay capabilities but all around not a bad Ad.

Neonridr2203d ago

So do I. As simple as the commercial was, I think they could have at least listed some of the reasons as to how this new system differs from their Wii. My only concern is some of the uninformed will think this is just an add on for the existing Wii.

I also felt like they should have shown a few more adult themed titles like AC3, Batman and ZombiU.

But like you said, I feel like we will see several versions, with different games being shown in the next ones.

Dr_Salvitor2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

See that was my main problem i expected to see some ZombiU on the first Ad because of the way it emphasizes the consoles functions so well. i can see why it was not in this ad because this was going more for the family fun.

I not one of those OH were are the "Hardcore" games guys, but showing off what the system can do is what matters at this point and ZombiU dose that the best there's now way they wont use it in the next ad.

either way i all ready put down 700 in this console and 5 games and accessories about a month ago and can't wait.

herbs2203d ago

The music lol. w-w-w-wii-w-wii-w-wii-w-w

MNGamer-N2203d ago

Good commercial. No point in advertising if they can't produce the units though.

WiiUalpha2203d ago

LOL... Sure kid, they announced it but cant produce it... I'm guessing you are saying that because Wii U preorders have sold out and just cant accept that it could be because a lot of people actually want it.... No it must be that Nintendo cannot produce them.... LOL some people just try to hard to make themselves look stupid in some lame attempt to troll.

metroidfusion22203d ago

Now I have done many months of research on the wii u so I know what is to be expected but lets say I was a normal person who is a part of the dumb ass masses I would probably think it is an add on or I wouldn't know what to think but I would probably know nintendo depending on my age but I think the commercial is good and like I said before nintendos budget with wii u commercials is the same as wii commercials so there will be a lot of commercials for the wii u and I like how this commercial shows the family being together and stuff like that because families are being farther and farther away from each other but just how the wii brought everyone together this console will too and do so much more

Dr_Salvitor2203d ago

Did you think people thought the Xbox360 was an add on when it came out? This whole people thinking its an add on thing is getting ridiculous.

metroidfusion22203d ago

Did you not read what I put a lot of people are stupid especially in this generation one of the reasons is that they talk shit without doing extensive research on what they don't know about and the example is the wii u if I was a normal person I probably wouldn't know shit about it and think it was an add on or something then after I see the commercial I might do my research or go play it now since I have been doing my research on the wii u for several months I know what is to be expected etc etc so read you dumbass child keep crying your tears are delicious and yes people should do their research and stop calling it an add on etc

ozzywazzy2203d ago

As expected, lots of singing and dancing. "How I'm still not interested."

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