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Machinima: "I can’t give Most Wanted my unconditional recommendation, but you will find pieces to enjoy if you want to take the chance."

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Cam9772202d ago

This must be it's lowest review, I will be picking this game up however; I am currently undecided on what platform I will be buying it on.

bwazy2202d ago

Which ever one the most of your friends play it on.

Cam9772202d ago

No, you've mis-undesrtood me, but it's my fault. I can't decide whether to get this on PS Vita or PS3.

wAnxTa2202d ago

Finally a score this game deserves. There's nothing to it except its sweet sound design. Other than that it's just a downgraded, copy-pasted hot pursuit.

camel_toad2202d ago

I just want my Burnout Crash Mode back. I miss it...

Gamesgbkiller2202d ago

So Hot Pursuit does have an open world ?!
sorry bro .. but this game is a whole different thing from hot pursuit

creeping judas2202d ago

@ Wanx

I agree 100%. This is the score this game deserves. More for the poor handling of the cars than anything else.

Insomnia_842202d ago

If reviewers give low scores to games for not "bringing nothing new" for "nothing we haven't seen before" for "they are trying to copy X game(COD)" then this RACER should'n be the exception, this is more like a Burnout Paradise 2 than a Need For Speed. Not saying the game is bad because Burnout Paradise id AWESOME! I'll get it for Vita, just pointing out the obvious.

lightoff2202d ago

i agree with the score but i disagree with you.

The game borrows a lot from burnout and hot pursuit and is a blast to play . The visuals are stunning, if you dont take the controls seriously (as you shouldn't :P) you will have a blast with this one.

plenty to love about this game, but i would only take away marks because its all been done before they just rehashed a lot of stuff from their other games.

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Blaze9292202d ago

Didn't know Machinima reviews...

soljah2202d ago

off topc need help

so i enter a online game and warp into fairhaven. i pull up world map screen to see other players and head toward them. nothing, map is empty except for me. yet there are 7 other players listed as playing wtf. i know in bp when you pull up world map you see all players icons color coded and where there are driving.
i'm i missing something

TheKayle2202d ago

forza horizon 100 times better

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