Treyarch reveals Black Ops 2 multiplayer hacks and glitches (Spoof)

With less than two weeks until the release of Black Ops 2, Treyarch has finally lifted the lid on some of the exciting hacks and glitches that will plague the game’s online multiplayer component.

Speaking at a press conference at the developer’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California, Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin assured guests that the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise would feature well over a hundred hilarious, game-breaking exploits, each more thrilling than the next.

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LightSamus2182d ago

Might be worth adding something like "spoof" to the title, it's gonna confuse the hell out of people and annoy them

Oh and it's not really funny anyway.

TrevorPhillips2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Bro, I honestly thought it was real and I was like what the...! But thank God it's a spoof and he should add it to the title like you said.

csreynolds2181d ago

Brilliant article. Needs to be highlighted as a spoof though...

bubblebeam2180d ago

Sadly. If people on the internet weren't so stupid there would be no need. I hate it when people don't get satire, sarcasm, spoof comedy etc.

Sort of like when people have to point out their puns. So annoying.

JellyJelly2180d ago

You need to be at least 8 years old to grasp the concept of sarcasm. The median mental age on the Internet is 12. On N4G it's 4, with learning disabilities...

CrimsonessCross2180d ago

On the internet there is no tone of voice, so it is kind of needed to point those kinds of things out. Hard to tell whether someone is serious or not as well.

Understandable though.

bubblebeam2180d ago


4y/o, with learning disabilities? That's harsh man lol.


I know, but if you have decent reading and comprehension, it should all come to you (I don't mean YOU, just people in general).

Sarcasm can be hard to detect when speaking, depending on who is using it and how emphatic they are in their use of it.

csreynolds2179d ago

CrimsonessCross hit the nail on the head; tone in text can be difficult to identify. Some people can spot spoofs/sarcasm, others cannot.

If you're clever with your words, you can make anything false sound true.

bubblebeam2179d ago


Except if you read this article, it is so obvious. If you don't get that the article is one big spoof, maybe the person shouldn't be reading in the first place?

csreynolds2177d ago

Don't be so narrow-minded. Yes, it is obvious - to you, me and more people besides, but that doesn't mean everyone else can see that...

You also need to take into account the increasing percentage of false articles that populate the internet, masquerading as truth. When there are sites out there reporting on the deaths of celebrities as fact, for some it becomes harder to gauge what is real or not.

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Fil1012180d ago

lol sausage gun. that is something I would like to see

Arcanine2180d ago

Very confusing at start