PS4: new kits shipping now, AMD A10 used as base

VG247 reports that dev kits for PS4 are shipping out to studios now and that the unit will use an AMD A10 as its base. Sources close to the site state that the console - codename Orbis - is not being made in Japan. All the details here.

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Abash2268d ago

Yeah Im excited for the next PlayStation, but based on 2013's releases Im fine with my PS3 for at least another year

Army_of_Darkness2268d ago

"The “ultimate goal” for the hardware, we were told, is for it to be able to run 1080p60 games in 3D with “no problem,” to create a machine that’s powerful enough for “today and tomorrow’s market”

Now this has officially got me excited for the PS orbis!

NewMonday2268d ago

A big thing from the extra RAM will be full system acsess with the ps buttun and background downloads and updates

darthv722268d ago

Maybe so but the problem is getting people to buy 3d tv's. I like the idea but hate the prices and the non standardization of the tech.

Active or passive? shutter or anamorphic?

A gaming platform cant make people buy a new display format (ie: 3d) but it certainly has done wonders to get people to buy HDTV's in general.

there needs to be a commitment from all 4 sides to make it work. Content providers (movies/games), retailers (pricing) and mfgs (set builders and a standard). Once those 3 sides can come together we will have the new age of entertainment.

Oh, the 4th side is consumer acceptance.

bumnut2268d ago

1080p @60fps in 3d won't happen. You need multiple graphics cards for that kind of performance.

720p... maybe, but don't get your hopes up for 1080.

Qrphe2268d ago


It can happen definitely. The problem would be having a proper 3DTV with a refresh rate good enough to keep up with the hardware but that's about it.

Beastforlifenoob2268d ago

most 3D plasma's already have a refresh rate of 240-320 HZ or 240fps-320fps so media is actually behind TV

ABizzel12268d ago

Not to sure about this rumor.

The goal is 1080p @ 60fps in 3D, but the A10 will have a hard time doing that unless they plan on running it Xfire with another dedicated GPU.

The A10 alone with it's standard 7660 does current gen games at better frame-rates than current consoles, but going with this set-up would put it only slightly more powerful than the Wii-U (excluding the huge amount of RAM).

Seeing how it's not likely to be announced until E3 2013 they'd be better off going with AMD's Steamroller APU's which should offer a significant improvement over the current A10, but the release date for those APU's are still up in the air.

Their best bet would be to use Xfire with a 7850. They'll meet their goal on almost all games, and it'll be a $400 console.

Peppino72268d ago

Im happy with concrete news vs rumors and speculation. This is very good news.

AsimLeonheart2267d ago

Now this is a TRUE next-gen system unlike the WiiU which is actually a "PS360 1.5". The Nintendo fans were jumping all over the place over 2Gb RAM in the WiiU. What do you guys have to say now that we know that the Orbis has at least 8GB RAM! The PS3 with its XFIRE setup and 8GB will blow WiiU out of the water. I just checked the benchmark for A10 APUs and the latest one is capable of running the Witcher 2 at 720p and 28fps by itself without any dedicated GPU. With a XFIRE setup the Orbis will be a beast!

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SlavisH22268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Lots of RAM and NO CELL are a plus! I hope this will mean more developer involvement and making the ps4 so there are less problems when making games! No Cell also means no or few ps3 games will work on it. Thats fine if you loved your ps3 games THEN keep your PS3!

~ Facts hurt Fanboys :(

jimbobwahey2268d ago

That's exactly what I'll do, keep my PS3 and wait for a price drop or two on the PS4.

Expecting people to have two PlayStations under their TV is just silly, and since the first year or so of a consoles life is severely lacking in games (particularly good ones) then Sony will be missing out on a launch day sale to me if their new console isn't backwards compatible.

frelyler2268d ago

I would agree from a hardware standpoint, however Sony bought Gaiki, remember? So that solves that.

mi_titan272268d ago

my hope is with the rate of downloadable games, all those will be backwards compatible via your PSN acct. Even if the harware cant play the PS3 discs.

pixelsword2268d ago

No. Me loves me PS3, me love da cell.

AMD can go to... my PC!


gatormatt802268d ago

I'm personally very intrigued with how Sony is going to handle the PS Store when the PS4 is launched. Will we see two separate stores, one being on the PS3 and Vita, and the PS4 having its own separate store?? I'm sure Sony's ownership of Gaikai is going to come into play somewhere, more than likely being involved in backwards compatibility.

But where will Sony draw the line when it comes to PS3 backwards compatibility??? For example, digital PS3 full games bought from the PS Store. Will Gaikai handle those as well?

BattleAxe2267d ago

I don't have a problem with the hardware of the PS4 not being backwards compatible, but they better at least give me access to all the games that I have bought, by allowing me to play them through GaiKai.

DeadlyFire2267d ago

Its a plus in many ways, but No Cell would slow their sales. Personally I can see a Cell+RSX combo chip thrown in every PS4 for compatibility with PS3 and PSN games on the PS4. Primarily for backwards compatibility. So no development use. Unless they plan for Cell/Cell 2 as a sidekick to the APU+GPU combo. Heating could be an issue if so.

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wishingW3L2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I hate to be negative, specially when I'm a huge Sony fan and I can't wait for the PS4 but this sounds weak as hell! The jump will be like going from a PS2 to an Xbox 1. ;___;

The most powerful APU right now comes with an HD 7750 and that is really weak. Games will look basically the same! OMG, I'm so fkg disappointed... Sony wasted so much money on that stupid PS Vita and now they will give us a weak-ass console!!!! FAAAAWWWK!

Persistantthug2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

How do we not know that the PS4 won't contain some custom APU and also have the approx equivalent of a custom 7950?

You're sentiment seems like you're jumping the proverbial gun.

SirBradders2268d ago

I agree with the guy above, I'm no tech whizz but I'm sure I remember readin something bout the ps3 having a custom processor or something.

irepbtown2268d ago

I can only scratch the surface when it comes to PC specs. I know the basics that's it.

''Orbis, we were told today, is based on the AMD’s A10 APU series. An APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is a combined CPU and GPU.

PS4′s APU was described today as a “derivative” of existing A10 hardware. The hardware is “based on A10 system and base platform”''.

From what I understood, they are simply basing it on the A10. This does NOT mean it will be the same. They're simply taking key bits and (I think it's quite obvious) improving it. Or maybe they're simply taking the combination of CPU/GPU and because of that, they say 'its based on the A10'.

There's so much that we dont know it's wrong to make a conclusion now. I mean, I think they'll unveil it next year with a 2014 release date. I'll be happy with that looking at the games coming out next year. GTA V alone is worth a year on its own lol.

PS/ Am i the only one that wants the PS4 pad to be identical to the PS3. And if not, have it so we can use PS3 pad for PS4?

DeadlyFire2267d ago

I predict AMD APU + top tier mobile GPU. Say APU has up to 1 Tflops at most + maybe a scaled back AMD 7870M GPU which runs at 2.1 Tflops. Scaled back to maybe 1.8 Tflops or so. Which would equal around 2.8-3.1 Tflops. So no worries buddy.

There was a rumor of AMD GPU with 1.8 Tflops beside APU. No word about this new kit though. It might have something a little stronger.

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JsonHenry2268d ago

For anyone that knows anything about the AMD APUs you know you are laughing when you read the 108060hz+3D. The only way this will happen is if they are running the system in 'crossfire' with more APUs or an actual dedicated video card.

I have high hopes for Sony next generation. Going with a coder friendly setup like an AMD APU is a HUGE step in the right direction and I believe shows that Sony certainly learned their lesson this generation. MS and Nintendo may be in for some stiff competition next time around the block.

princejb1342267d ago

i hope ps4 architecture is easier to develop for

happy developers+easy to develop for+powerful system= happy developers making great games

Tsar4ever012267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

YEAH, Sony's is listening and not dictating. 8GB or more of RAM! YYEASSSS!!! A10 series AMD APU, Hah!, An A10 was one of my predictions in the past after reading about the earlier A8 apu, No lie, go and check.....But, months later I started opting for an AMD-FX 8 core APU, Oh well, Maybe the final spec will go for the AMD FX-8 core apu. The moderately weaker A-10 should allow the console to have a MORE favorable consumer launch cost.

But 8GB(*or more) of system RAM!!!! YESSSS!! Sony's heard the devs and listened. TAKE THAT to all those that said "4GB is more than enough", crap. Assheads!!! That'll mean that launch games should look & run AT LEAST as good as the HIGH-END PC games running at ULTRA SETTINGS right now.

As for the storage HDD, The premium model should be of 320GB, not 256gb and the "bundles deals" should be of 500gb w game or BR movie & free months of playstaion plus. Wait a min, 256gb? whats the extra 6gb for? You sure that wasn't a typo from the article? maybe it was meant to be 256MB of "EDRAM" or better yet "FLASH RAM" built on-board the dev-kit motherboard.

bozebo2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

8/16 is only for the devkit so it could be more than the console. I do think 4 could be too little though.

akaFullMetal2267d ago

4 gigs should be plenty, considering what the ps3 can do with 512 mb, compared to a computer that will have 3 or 4 gigs. Not that i wouldn't love 8 gigs, but people need to stop comparing how a console works with ram compared to a computer. A computer is pretty much unoptimized, where consoles are.
I mean ps3 can push out really great graphics with only half a gig of ram. If you did the same thing with a pc, it wouldn't play games.

PHATL20282267d ago

Well 256gb is going to be a SSD drive which is outstanding. Using a SSD and 8-16gb of ram would be amazing for the future of Sony. The machine would run circles around the gimmicky Wii-U, and rumors of microsoft having isssues with the chipset they chose leading to possible delays.

I would love the option of two different system configs for the " ORBIS". One being 256gb ssd with 8gb ram with a cost of around $399.99 ( wouldn't be shocked if it was cheaper like $349.99 to stick it to Nintendo ). Second option would be the " High-End " version with say a 500gb ssd and 16gb of ram for $599.99. I would jump on that in a heartbeat!

JsonHenry2267d ago

Typically dev kits have double the amount of RAM the system will actually have. So more than likely it will be 4gigs. But I would not complain about 8 gigs if it happened.

kneon2267d ago

8-16gb is for the dev kit, they typically have around double the ram of the real product. So we can likely expect 4-8gb in the consumer version.

And with a hard drive size of 256gb that sure sounds like an SSD since there are no mechanical hard drives made in that size.

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Rage_S902267d ago

It looks like Xbox is gonna be the more powerful console.

DeadlyFire2267d ago

AMD Trinity A10 + Piledriver cores - 2012
3rd kit AMD Steamroller A10? - 2013
4th kit AMD Kaveri A10? - 2013

8-16 GB means we will see 4-8 GB of RAM in PS4. Likely 8 GB will be possible.

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Hellsvacancy2268d ago

Not that im going to pretend i understand any of it, but with what little RAM the PS3 has had this gen its made some pretty incredible looking games, by logic im thinking if it has more, then the games will be more......"incredible&quo t;

Fallout 4 is what im looking forward to the most, "no excuses this time Bethesda"

UnwanteDreamz2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

They never had any excuse IMO. They have openly treated PS like a red headed stepchild the entire gen.

Blankman852268d ago

Well that's because like gingers, the ps3 doesn't have a soul. . .on account of it being a console and not a human being and all.

pixelsword2268d ago

Gingers don't have souls?

What about the chick on Gilligan's Island?

Qrphe2267d ago

Bethesda has coded buggy games since I can remember (Daggerfall to me) so do not expect anything better from them, ever. Fallout has only ever been good in the hands of Obsidian, its creator, who also corrected Betheda's mistakes with Fallout 3 by developing New VegS.

SandwichHammock2268d ago

I heart APUs. Not as much as SoC, but eh. Currently running an A8-3500; thing runs cool and quite.

The curious thing about this news, if true, is what graphic core they're gonna go with.

Shikoro2268d ago

If they aren't going with a discrete GPU, the PS4 won't be that powerful. Having just an APU is too weak to have for the next 5+ years so I hope that their source forgot to mention the GPU, too.

At the end of the day, the reveal is just over half a year away. Fun times ahead. :D

fossilfern2268d ago

Yeah the A10s are good and all but not for full 1080p gaming with the graphics maxed out. Unless they will have another Co-GPU inside the machine to work along with the integrated GPU

Ju2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

A10 "Base". If Dual [email protected] is required (for 3D) than that standard GPU won't cut it, but that doesn't mean AMD can't throw in what ever GPU they want. It'll be a custom chip any way, like it always is for consoles. Can quite diverge from the standard chip. A10 is usually 2.3Ghz, but also, I pretty sure a closed platform can do whatever they want with that frequency as well. "APU" doesn't mean it is slow by itself, I can imagine, these days that's more like building blocks you can throw at the SoC and the basic architecture. Question is if AMD can just "throw" in another core mask and be done with it. Can't see why not.

ABizzel12268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )


They need to at least throw a HD7850 in there if they want to reach their goal, and by then it should be at entry level prices.

Ideally a 7870

DeadlyFire2267d ago

I say the AMD 7870M runs at 2.1 Tflops. As rumors of a GPU with 1.8 Tflops GPU running beside APU. In the end it could have 1 Tflop APU + 2.1 Tflops possibly. Maybe more or less.

Cell could possibly be thrown in the mix. I am doubtful, but possible for backwards compatibility to exist with all PS3 games. It would help alot of PSN releases that run on PS3 hardware work on the PS4.

steve30x2268d ago

The dev Kits always have more ram than the retail units. Looking at those specs I am guessing the PS4 or whatever it will be called will have around 4 GB of ram which isnt too bad.

Eldyraen2268d ago

The old kits could be the ones with 8 and new ones with 16-if so then ps4 could easily have 8gigs still. Either way its a huge upgrade though.

Walker2268d ago

"The dev kits have “either 8Gb or 16Gb of RAM"

Just WOW, Avatar in Real-Time is coming !

Hoje03082268d ago

Not even close, buddy. Read my post below.

LOGICWINS2268d ago

PCs are about half a decade ahead of consoles. If PCs can't sport Avatar quality graphics at this point, how in the blue hell will the PS4 do it?

Beastforlifenoob2268d ago

My PC already has 16GB ram its not that "wow" \
Alot of PC's nowdays have 32GB's or RAM

adorie2267d ago

Nah. Most PC's run a standard 2-4 gigs of ram. You're probably talking about mobos. Lot's of new mobos these days offer support up to 32gb's of ram, some, even 64 gbs of ram.

steve30x2267d ago

Its only people who wand big epeen need 16GB of ram. The sweet spot is 8Gb of ram on a PC because of lots of other things running in the background. A consoles sweet spot would be 4 - 6GB of ram. For futureproofing I would say 6GB would be good.

PHATL20282267d ago

You can get high end mobo's with 128gb of ram. But for console to run 8-16 would be great.