How the Sex Pistols, Fight Club and James Dean made the new Dante

EuroGamer: "When Capcom came knocking on Ninja Theory's door four years ago, it asked for something different. It asked for a reboot seen through western eyes to widen the audience for a series that over the course of four games had grown increasingly insular. It asked designer Tameem Antoniades to imagine what Dante would look like if he was in a Hollywood movie."

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ThatArtGuy2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

First rule of making a "cool" character, don't intentionally try to make a "cool" character. Otherwise, you end up with Poochie.

And remember kids: always recycle, TO THE EXTREME!!!

Jinkies2177d ago

I thought the first rule was not to make the character look like the studios head designer

Sketchy_Galore2177d ago

Damn, THAT'S it. It's Poochie. I knew he reminded me of something. Obviously he's designed to cater more toward the modern half emo twitter kid generation rather than the surfer dude 90's fad but it's the exact same product of corporate desperation to to appeal to an audience they don't understand or respect. He'll probably be reminding us to recycle 'for da Lulz' or some other such sickening thing. In fact I'd consider putting money on him describing something as an 'epic fail' at some point in this game.

kratos172177d ago

i see what they were trying to accomplish by making the game as western as possible but, i dont think making dante look anorexic is something that would be a good example of a hollywood movie star.

Also whats with the gothic look, yes i know its dmc and a dark tone resonates well with the series but the majority of americans wouldn't deem this guy "cool" as what they were aiming for.

nonetheless i am looking forward to the game and will reserve judgement of the changes until after i see the credits roll.

Skate-AK2177d ago

"Tameem Antoniades to imagine what Dante would look like if he was in a Hollywood movie."

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.