I’m Surprised By How “Black” Assassin’s Creed Liberation Feels

When other Assassin’s Creed games recreate time-lost versions of cities like Renaissance-era Venice and resurrect iconic personages like Ben Franklin, they use the locales as playgrounds and the people as quest-givers. Liberation does those things but goes deeper to really feel like an examination of the times as they might have felt. All the glitches in the world don’t diminish that.

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Kingthrash3602179d ago

Well said, I had the same feeling. Drags me in more to see how far they would go. You prolly won't get many hits simply because people are still kinda Standoff-ish of the subject. But story's like this should be in games more often, I tip my fitted cap to the devs and u for the ball zee article.

andibandit2179d ago

....The article was dull has hell

Jinkies2179d ago

I was expecting to see an easter egg like an NPC named Uncle Phil to come out and yell "WILLLLLLL"

e-p-ayeaH2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Well Americas were built by slaves basically so that´s part of history.

AC Liberation focus on African slave culture while AC3 is more into Native Indian culture.

freezola752179d ago

Not really fond of the title chosen for said article. That said, it's a very interesting piece. Well written I might add. I think that this AC:L is something I wanna play. I played the 1st AC, it was definitely awesome.. however, it was a bit overwhelming.. This AC: L doesn't seem to have the cookie cutter story with stereotypical black characters either.. I like that.. Peace

Sketchy_Galore2179d ago

I haven't played this or AC3 but I really do prefer this character to the protagonist of 3. Partly because I like the idea of a game tackling something as heavy and important as American slavery in any way, partly because she has a better and less ridiculous outfit than the white Assassin costume and partly... Well, honestly partly just because I have a major thing for ass kicking black tomboys, I think the medical term is either AlyxVanceitis or Michonne's disease.

Kingthrash3602179d ago

I think she coulda been a nice change for ac if she was in ac3 too. Hopefully she'll return for ac lib 2. Or the give her a p3 title of her own. Would be kinda weird if Desmond was in animus as her tho. They would have to have moisha make her way into the animus some how. :-b

rpd1232179d ago

I like the Native American aspect of Connor way more. It compliments his story better than Aveline's in my opinion. And AC3 tackles the issue of slavery several times. Connor gets pissed at Sam Adams for having a slave (she wasn't really a slave though). His mentor is black and has to get Connor to shop for him because he isn't allowed. AC3 also tackles the persecution of Native Americans, who were also used as slaves, though many people seem to forget that.

Kingthrash3602178d ago

Naw we remember, it's just they got paid with land and tax free casinos. Nothing will ever repay what happend to them. But black slaves were never paid what they were promised. 40 anchors and a mule. So that's a reason why people remember more about black than Indian ( there were also Chinese and Irish slaves too but this is not a history lesson)

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