Life VS Videogames

The Play Vault's Editor:

"Life is hard. There is always something else you should be doing, someone else you should be speaking to and somewhere else you should be. Time rushes by and in the blink of an eye, a day, a week, a month is gone."

"I wince as I check the statistics count for time spent playing and think of all the other things I should have got done in real life. I should have worked on this, fixed this, tidied this, called this person and organised that thing ready for next week…. Instead, I’ve saved a galaxy, won the champions league and became the ruthless leader of the world’s largest gang."

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CaptainCamper2230d ago

Video-games make life harder. I had 3 hours to clean the house until I booted up GTA. Now I've got 20 minutes before the other half gets in and my life won't be worth living :D