Word of Mouth: Halo 4 Reviews Point To A Wonderful, Near Perfect Return to Form For The Franchise

Geek Binge: Well everyone, the time is almost here. Halo 4 will be among us next Tuesday and, after five years out of the saddle, Master Chief is back. Halo 4 is the first numbered entry in the series not developed by Bungie Studios, so the game more than has a lot to prove. Can the franchise thrive through the next decade sans Bungie? Has the Halo series grown stale over the years, or is it stronger than ever? Well early Halo 4 reviews are in and, by the looks of things, the game is a strong return to form for the franchise…and may have just outdone Bungie at their own game.

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kingdavid2229d ago

and when was it even out of form? :S

StreetsofRage2229d ago

Agree. Every iteration has been nothing but amazing. Even Halo Wars was a fantastic experience, a game that I still play with some friends. The Halo franchise has always been bulletproof.

shaneTsung2229d ago

after you guy's play the game please pm me and tell me what you think of the campaign

bubblebeam2229d ago


Don't know why you got disagrees. I will be happy to do so. Going to the midnight launch in a few days.


Maybe he has played it already (somehow) and wants to have an intelligent conversation about the campaign, or is possibly on the fence about buying it. There is also the possibility of trolling lol.

ArmrdChaos2229d ago

There have been very few games I could start up and have the beginning theme music raise the hair on the back of my neck...can't wait.

konnerbllb2229d ago

Unfortunately they hired a different composer for halo 4 and those monk themed songs aren't in the game :(

andibandit2229d ago

I agree, i kinda wish they've kept the same composer, but maybe i shouldn't be so quick to judge, since i havent heard the new music yet.

Summons752229d ago

They may have hired a different composer but he is no amateur. The soundtrack for Halo 4 is absolutely beautiful and for having the challenge of making music equal or better than the original music, he did an amazing job at defining the music, atmosphere, and theme of this new trilogy. I haven't even played the game but listening to the songs I can feel the emotion and tension that the game is going to hold. We will all miss Marty's music but now we have new songs to fall in love with.

GearSkiN2229d ago

Agree wity u ArmrdChaos

SOULJER2229d ago

In this one the music was off and so where the voices. I enjoyed this one never the else. Halo 2 is still my favorite halo of all time.

Knight_Crawler2229d ago

If your talking about the voice syncing then I would say your wrong becuase it was spot on.

I understand why people are saying this about the music becuase it is a little diffrent but remember that Marty is not there anymore and someone new is doing the music so its not going to sound the same - evetually people will get use to it an move on.

2229d ago