Grand Theft Auto V pre-order already up on Amazon

XMNR: Pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto V were not supposed to start until next week according to Rockstar Games. Amazon jumped the gun on Thursday though and the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is now available to pre-order at the retailer.

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Cam9772268d ago

I was thinking of preordering from here earlier but I hae questions: do I pay instantly?
I think I'll wait though to see any preorder bonuses - if any come around. I can see it being very likely because game shops will try hard to win a customer of this game with it being so big.

Convas2268d ago

No, with pre-ordering, you don't pay until the item is ready to ship. In this case, it wouldn't be till Spring next year.

guitarded772268d ago

I don't know what the hell the article is talking about. Amazon was taking pre-orders the week it was announced... I know, I pre-ordered from Amazon that week.

Queasy2268d ago

Amazon won't charge you until the game releases.

Deathclaw2268d ago

Thanks, however I am from England so that price is not so helpful.
Thanks for trying to help me though

crimsonfox2268d ago

What ever a new game cost in England is what this game cost...Hope I was helpful

crimsonfox2268d ago

I want to wait and see what offer pre order bonus will be. I missed out on a Burger Shot T-Shirt when GTA IV came out. I'm really excited to see what the special edition will be also.

GraveLord2268d ago

It's been available for pre-order on Amazon for months now lmfao.

crimsonfox2268d ago

I know someone who pre-ordered it like 10 months ago haha

jaymart2k2268d ago

I pre-ordered all the way back in February.

I get a a email once a month updating my stats on when the game will ship.

Same story, we are working with the publisher at this time, bla bla bla.

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