Free-to-play could make PlayStation the 'key console' says Yerli

Sony embracing free-to-play on PlayStation could be a major factor in seeing the platform continue to thrive, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has told MCV.

"This will be the last console generation," said Yerli.

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GraveLord2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Truth is, you only go free to play if your game is sub-par or not worth the $60.

If a game is good/fun enough, people will spend those $60.

Free To Play games(especially MMORPGS) are extremely generic. I would hate console gaming to ever go that route.

b_one2178d ago

generic and based on stick you to that game fora whole day (daily quests, exp bonuses etc) thats bad coz you gonna spend money eventually

kwyjibo2178d ago

This was true 5 years ago. It's now 5 years hence.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )


truth is u don't know what ur talking about since console barley has any f2p games in the first place.
(go play the kinect mech game then for $60?)

why did hawken f2p devs get 10 million from investors for a sub par game? Is LoL & TF2 sub par?

Idk about console but on pc f2p games are getting very good!

have u heard of planetside 2 by soe?

But yes mmorpg are not good for f2p but everything else for me is fine. I just bought GW2 anyway.

now he says it will be the last console gen. In 10 years I think internet connections won't be a problem for most. Will be amazing to play sony games on my pc. They have no choice anyway that is the way the world is moving.

Somebody2178d ago

Depends on the game and how the developers approach it. So far I'm not liking this free to play since it's a bit dishonest - they always promote their games as free to play but never cared to tell us that they are actually pay to win/to enjoy.

A lot of the F2P games I've played felt so unsatisfying. Get in, blast some monsters/enemies, get out. It's hard to be dedicated to such a simple system.

@b_one. Yes. In Drakensang Online there are daily quests that just sink hours in for you to complete anything and there will always be a danger of you paying for stuff. I noticed that in my first experience with a friend the game was like a normal RPG. But the moment me and my friend paid with cash to get some extra ingame currency a week later, the game quickly turned into what I call "quicksand mode". All of a sudden there are exclamation marks on all of our items, telling us that our items are to low for our level. BULL. I haven't played or level up one bit since our last session 'cause I was waiting for my friend to get to his (real)town to access the internet on weekends. I didn't take the bait but friend was frantically trying to pay to get more ingame currency every time those exclamation marks appeared. Not to mention of course some of the quests items are made to take up a lot of space so that you would run of out inventory space in record time and the only way to buy more space is to use the ingame currency which can only be acquired quickly by using real cash.

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Cam9772178d ago

Well, it depends... If they keep up all of the Home FTP trash then no, this will not happen.

Axonometri2178d ago

Of course your going to see Yerli say this. He's been publicly pumping his company going free to play for last 6 months.

Ryto2178d ago

I don't like free to play games at all, I'd prefer to pay the one off fee and have everything I need. DLC is also fine with me, it's normally an expansion of the game you've already bought (if the company isn't trying to rogue you).

That's another reason I don't like MMORPG, I don't like paying a subscription.

This is just my personal preference though.

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